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Hanna Kroeger Formulas
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Hanna Kroeger was schooled in natural healing methods and brought intuition and innovation
to her life's work. She drew upon a broad palette of healing techniques: physical, emotional
 and spiritual. But, she is perhaps most admired for her energy work in which she was often
able to sense things before they were ever manifested in physical symptoms. She found causes,
 not just effects.

Hanna Kroeger's research, knowledge and insight led her to create many popular
herbal formulas. She was truly a master of using subtle and unique combinations
of herbs to improve the whole system of the body. These formulas are synergistically
balanced to work naturally with the body on a physical and energetic level.

Call for advice on what product best suits the issue(s) you are needing to have resolved.

Hanna Kroeger
In the world of natural medicine, Hanna Kroeger set an example of expert knowledge combined with a compassionate spirit.   Hanna's lifetime of experience with medicine began formally as a student of nursing at the University of Freiburg in Germany.  It wasn't until later, while assisting Professor Brauchle at a hospital in Dresden that employed holistic healing methods, when Hanna discovered the value of plant medicine, hydrotherapy, & other tools which inspire the body's own healing mechanisms to restore well-being.

People have been educated, inspired and healed, often
when there was no one else
to help, the dedication and teachings of Hanna Kroeger

  When Hanna arrived in the U.S., upon encountering the lack of nutritious foods available, Hanna was led to open one of the first health food stores in the U.S.  in Boulder, Colorado in 1957.  The Imperial Tea and Health Food Store carried freshly baked breads, whole grains, nuts, herbal teas, fresh juices, & eventually vitamin supplements.  In 1959, the store was renamed New Age Foods, where she continued to provide health food products to a community that loved her.  Through the constant flow of customers, often looking to Hanna for insight on their health concerns, her reputation grew rapidly.   Eventually, demand for her herbal preparations prompted her to found the Kroeger Herb Products company in 1978.  Hanna possessed a developed intuition, combined with self-study covering an array of healing techniques from around the world, which became the foundation for her success treating thousands of people over the years.  Hanna is most admired for her energy work in which she was often able to sense things before they were ever manifested in physical symptoms.


Fever Few   $11.99
Popular with Migrane suffers

Aloe Vera Gel   $13.99  32oz

Wormwood Parasite Removal  $9.49 100 caps
black walnut leaves, wormwood,  quassia, cloves, male fern

Olive Leaf   $12.49   100caps
Anti viral, used on malaria, I used this to get over west nile virus.  I had cancer at the same
time this saved my life.  West Nile is very serious.

B.E. Kit       $26.99
for chronic fatigue symptoms

Children's Cleanse Kit        $71.95
addresses intestinal issues in children and rebuild the body to natural health

X40 Kit        $39.99
designed to reverse the effects of retro viruses, which are found in vaccines
these viruses are root to many aptitude, emotion confusion, health problems
as a result  of childhood vaccinations

A unique blend of herbs most often used in combination with Vyren  and B.E. Vibropathic
to reawaken the purity of days gone by.
Eucalyptus, Club Moss, Tarragon, Condurango Bark, Jasmine Tea
100 caps.             8.99

A fantastic herbal formula for keeping the spirit of life well balanced. Supports a healthy aura.
* Gotu Kola, Yarrow, Yerba Santa, Bee Pollen, PABA
100 caps.            9.99

A powerful pair of herbs used in conjunction with proper nutrition for the grief of those wintertime
surprises. Helps with bacterial infections and kidneys.
* Black Radish Root, Parsley Leaves
 100 caps.           9.99

A healthy foundation is essential to our most important life giving system. Including this
unique blend of herbs with a good diet is a treasure. Maintains the purity of blood.*
Yellow Dock, Cramp Bark, Yarrow, Milkweed, Plantain, Organic Tobacco, Tansy
100 caps.         1 1 .99

Take Chem X and help your body respond positively-to the effects of modern day exposure
in an industrialized world. Preserves cleanliness from unnatural exposures.
* Black Tea, Condurango Bark, Red Clover, Yellow Dock, Paprika, Chaparral, Spikenard
100 caps.           9.99

Discoveries new and old meet in this important blend to address the concern for maintaining
healthy cardiovascular and circulatory systems. Remember to combine with appropriate diet
and exercise. It's recommended to be taken with Kroeger's Aloe Vera Gel.
* Hawthorn Berries, Equisetum Concentrate, Vitamin C, Taurine, Arginine, Chromium Picolinate,
270 caps.            29.99

This popular herb is used with parasite cleansing programs. Long touted for its effect on digestion
and nausea.
1 00 caps.              8.99

Growths on the skin can be a sign that something is not right within the body. This combination
of herbs can aid in maintaining the body's health for a smooth exterior.
Cottonwood Leaves, Grape Leaves, Chaparral
100 caps.         11.99

This quintet of herbs helps keep your body's
natural resources working to maintain healthy
blood sugar levels.
* Bean Leaves, Blueberry Leaves,Hyssop, Pleurisy Root, Paprika
100 caps.             9.99

An herbal digestive enzyme targeted at the maintenance of a healthy, natural digestive process,
along with proper dietary considerations. Gentler
Papaya Leaf, Myrrh, Gentian Root
100 caps.             9.99

Rest and good nutrition are important for sustaining balanced energy. Here is a valuable companion
to work with the natural needs of our bodies.
Chia Seed, Saw Palmetto, Gotu Kola, Kola Nut, Wild Yam Root
 100 caps.            10.99

A comfortable companion to cleansing diets.  A supplement designed to respond positively to modern
day living.
Bladdenvrack, Borage, Flax Seed, Watermelon Seed, Cleavers, Taurine
100 caps,           8.49

One of our most unique products designed for sustaining proper digestive enzymes.
The key to its success is that it is entirely herbal.  More robust than D.E.
White Pine Bark, Mugwort, Myrrh, Chamomile, Catnip, Mullein
    100 caps.         8.99

Hanna particularly liked this product for addressing nitrite and nitrate residues in the system.  
 These residues can settle in the arterial walls and paralyze the muscles that help move the
blood along.   Dyna Pro's NIT may help the body neutralize these residues. Each tablet
contains marshmallow root in a specially prepared lactose base.


Essencial oils and multiple herbal combinations are a hallmark
of Hanna Kroegers healing wisdom.  Tea has always been a
beneficial approach to taking in herbal remedies for relief from
general ailments to more specific concerns.  Soothing, nurturing
and sound wisdom, make these herbal tea's a must.

    Herbal Tea Remedies
       Do not over use and do not under estimate the potency and power of herbal tea's.
       These are remedies and should be respected.  Some are mild and tonic in nature
       others are potent and discernment in use is necessary.  Follow label or ask

Birthright Tea  2oz
The ingredients in Birthright Tea are rosemary, blue vervain, and calumus.   The purpose of Birthright Tea is to help release
childhood trauma stemming from the prenatal stage to roughly eight years of age, or for adult traumatic energies associated
 with childbirth. Birthright Tea is also a component of the New Light Add kit.
BLM-(BLue Malva )
 Heart Valve tea  made from Blue Malva Flower
$6.99     1 oz.

Cough Tea 2 oz.
peppermint, rosemary and lungwort leaves, lavendar flower

  Diarrhea Tea   2 oz
Blackberry leaves, white oak bark, angelica root

  Flu Tea   2 oz
Raspberry leaves, Plantain leaeves, rosebud, echinacea root

 Female balance  Tea  2 oz.
Calendula and yarrow flower, nettle leaves

  Fluoride (removes from system)  Tea   2 oz
Calendula, yarrow, elder flower, nettle and dandelion keaves, red root, st john's wort

General Tonic for recovery from illness, balancing, anti inflammatory - made of 12 herbs   2 oz.
apple tree, peach, cherry, cascara sagrada bark, calamus, burdock,
tormentil, angelica, thubarb and gentian roots
* H-12 is used for a wide variety of issues. Some take it to promote a "spiritual jump", or for infections of any kind.   It is said to
be very effective in the treatment of broken bones, especially those that cannot be set to heal.   If dealing with a broken toe, for instance, wrap the broken toe in a cotton soaked in H-12 Tincture and leave in place for a period of 24 hours or longer.   This helps promote a speedy recovery. Some other uses are: a rub on the chest when coughing; moisten a cloth with H-12 and place on inflamed eyelids; take one teaspoon of H-12 twice a day in water or juice for water retention; apply to hemorrhoids with a cotton ball; take one teaspoon H-12 twice a day (or as needed) to lessen depression or melancholy; put H-12 on corns and cover with a band aid; take one teaspoon of H-12 in a little water to aid digestion and decrease gas formation.   Make up the H-12 formula from H-12 Tea, H-12 Tincture is also available, as a pre-made formula.

 Kidney tonification Tea   - 2 oz.
Parsley and marshmellow roots, uva ursi leaves

Kidney Stone Tea  2 oz.
chamomile flower, knot grass herb
warning, kidney stones are dangerous.  If they are small this will help
break them down.  If they are large always have your doctor check these and
give you an idea of their size.  Painful when passed or if too large will require
surgery if they lodge in the uretha.  OUCH!

Lymph cleanse Tea  2 oz.
red clover flowers, chaparral herb
these are very cleansing and are known to help remove cancer cells
as well as purify the blood.  chaparral can cause some to feel mild
nausea as it cleanses the system.  Do not over use this formula
and do not under estimate the potency and power of herbal tea's.
These are remedies and should be respected.

 Nerve calming Tea  2 oz.
Lemon balm, strawberry, sage, woodruff leaves

Sleep Tea  2 oz.
hops, lindon, orange, poppy flower, lemon balm leaves
poppy flower should not be used if you take drug tests for work, poppy seeds the same thing
though you will not have an opiate experience, it shows in blood and urine as such
their tests will not discriminate and you may have a problem.  There is no drug effect as
an opiate at all.  It is from the plant but not the resin.  It is safe and not a drug.

Special X tea  2oz
Special-X Tea was created for a parasite that was previously unidentified - Hanna named it Special-X.   
The Special-X parasite is found in spinal fluid.   The tea consists of wormwood, black walnut, and cloves.   
It can be used in combination with homeopathics or taken alone.

Stomach settled Tea 2 oz.
centaury leaves, tormentil root chamomile flowers

Tension Tea  2 oz.
Red clover flowers, motherwort, scullcap, lemon balm leaves, cramp bark

 Tired Blood Tea  2 oz.
Nettle, peppermint, rosebud, sage leaves, st johns wort, yarrow flower
*st johns wort should not be taken more than two weeks at a time, you may
become sensitive to the sun and burn more easily.

Viroid Powder  4 oz
Gelatin Rice Polish, whey, glutamic acid, basil powder
These have a restorative effect on the bowels and settle things down
works well for crohns and ibs.

Wanita's Sun Wheel Tea  2oz
a native american blend of 12 herbs for rejuvination and recovery from illness
included in the X40 kit when antidoting vaccinations negative effects

Herbal Remedy Kits

Throughout her teachings, Hanna referred to "kits or groups"
of product that could be combined to address specific issues.
They all consist of carefully selected products that effectively
work together.  Blue Iris Santuary offers these kits as a convenience in healing.  Everything you need in one
balanced package

None of what is recommend in this site is to be in leu of proper medical help.  We do not treat disease in any way.  
We are here to educate you and give you information on the alternative processes available to you so that you can
make informed decisions and take charge of your own health issues.  We do not accept any liability for the advise
and products we offer.  We are required to advise you that none of the information or products offered on this site is
accepted by the AMA nor the FDA.  Please be advised and always seek professional medical advise when
undertaking any suggestions in this site.
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