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Herbal Instructions and General information

A commentary on herbs using the following herbs as an example: mullein, I find along
with lobellia, can become ineffective after a certain length of time. It is better to use some and
or most herbs  "on for two weeks" then "off for two weeks" to remain effective. Some herbs do better as an adjunct vs the primary.  In a synergistic profile they are better, than stand alone.

I like to use Lobellia as an example, herbalist will use it as a catalyst and herbs are amplified
and hold their own better with it's influences. Richard Bach had it right.  Plants have personalities. Some go together, some should only be around each other in limited basis.
Others are the best of pals and can stand together or alone.  The gathering and use of herbs
is an art form.  They should be highly respected as medicine.

Not a flavoring or a mild experience though some are.  Always check to see if there are contra-indications if you are taking medications as mentioned above.  Never over dose, use sparingly.  
A little goes a long way.  The exceptions are there, like say Stinging Nettle, which is ideal for allergy and hayfever season.  2 capsules every 20 minutes if you are in crisis is ok.  But, say with Lobellia, too much will induce vomiting, take more than two weeks at a time and you will amplify your symptoms or it will no longer work at all.  Same thing with St. Johns Wort.  Two weeks on then off, you will be come sensitive to the sun and burn easier.  So always talk to an herbalist and make sure you are handling your herbal experience safely and effectively.
                                                                                     -Adelle Schultz, NC, CMT, RM, MH
                                                                                         email me for help

Herbal Terminology defining the condition
Childrens dosing
How to's making tinctures and tea's
Contra-Indication for herbs and medications  Very important to read
 * Always check and see if there is any contra-indications using any herbals if you are taking medications.  Some herbs will intensify your medications or nullify them.

< Echinacea plant
Echinacea is a natural antibiotic and the best alternative for detoxifying the blood. It is one of the most potent herb supporting the immune system.

Pure Herbs, Ltd makes herbal remedies
for some of the top Herbalist's in the country.

Unique combination was designed and formulated by the much-loved and admired Amish Herbal Practitioner, Solomon Wickey. Part of Solomon's wisdom in choosing two of the herbs in this combination was to observe Nature and note which plants can and do destroy fungus. Hisfamous Can-Sol was born.  One of the most effective candida treatments available.  Avail yourself of the wonderful herbal combinations and single formulae by Pure Herbs, Ltd today.  

Write to us and ask questions we are here to help.  this page is under construction.

" I wish everyone would try the natural herbs that God gave us to use. If only they knew the damage that 'man-made' medicines or drugs do to their body. God bless and thanks for the Pure Herbs because I know many are not pure!"  -J. F.

Single Herbs to build your own tea formulas
Cannot find what you are looking for?  
Like so many, are allergies preventing you from buying certain
      premade combinations?
Do you want more in your blend than you have not found in premade
      tinctures and tea's?

If this is you, making your own is the way to go.  You need help though,
so a quick consultation you get what you need, make what you want.
click on the link and get started.

Herbal Formulae, books, and more by the Grandmother of Alternative Healing and another
mentor of mine.  Boulder, Colorado is a beautiful place, I grew up in and around this area
and Hanna had been a well known healer when I was a child.  Her daughter was a student
in my mother's best friends classes at school.  It is funny how life comes full circle.  
There are no coincidences.

Temporarily Discontinued Prices are not correct

Plants that are Toxic to Humans and Animals. Comprehensive list of Toxic, Mildly Toxic and Non Toxic plants.  Great guide to print out and have available if you should have a problem.

Mr. Yuk says keep your local poison control number handy as well as the listed national phone number 1-800-222-1222.  Always have your emergency room selected and previewed so if in case of any emergency you know where to go and what their capacity is to help you in case of an emergency.  Not all emergency rooms are equal.  Some are equiped to handle only certain types of health emergencies.  Also know where your doctor of choice may have clinical privileges.  

"Rocky Mtn Blue Iris"
aka  Blue Flag
Great for liver cleansing

I named my company after this
beautiful medicinal plant as it helped
me in my healing of liver cancer.
Photo was taken of plant in back of
our family cabin in Colorado.

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 heaven, I loose money to come to me now.  
CynthiaThank You for your interest and Blessings to you
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