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Chelation Therapy

Mother Earth Minerals & Natures Sunshine

Mega Chel Oral chelation
Today much has been written about the benefits of herbs like cayenne, but in
1972 when Gene, Kristine and Pauline started encapsulating herbs and selling
them to health food stores, they were pioneers in their field. "Back then, herbs
weren't as well-known as they are today," says Kristine. "We know what it's
like to be on the fringe. But look at us now: we're mainstream!"

Kristine is quick to add though, "Nature's Sunshine has always been about
people. Our creed stresses helping others to help themselves to a healthier,
happier life. That hasn't changed."

Because a legacy of caring and sharing has exemplified the Hughes family
business through the years, their NSP family has grown into a worldwide
organization. You might say the tradition that Gene's mother started so long
ago has grown to fruition - naturally!

Chelation therapy for clearing plaque from arteries.
Possibly Save yourself from surgery
As far as Mega-Chel is concerned, it's a wonderful oral chelation program. If taken
for the chelation properties, it needs to be taken in a specific way.

Start with 1 tablet in the morning and 1 tablet in the evening for one week

Go to 2 tablets in the morning and 2 tablets in the evening for the second week.

Keep increasing by 2 tablets a day per week until you are at 6 tablets in the
 morning and 6 in the evening.

Continue this amount for one month for each decade of age
Go back down in amount in the reverse order that you started.

This is a product that, if start the program, you must do it completely or it doesn't work that well.   You cannot just stop in the middle, if you want to quit, you have
to taper off.

Also, because MegaChel pulls minerals out of the body in order to get rid of the
bad stuff, you must also be taking minerals while on this program.

I would suggest the Colloidal Minerals for this as it's easily assimilated.

An Naturopath whom uses Nature Sunshine tells this story:
Just to give you an example of how this can work, A 37 year old man come in. The doctors wanted to do surgery to clean out his arteries and possibly do a bypass due to blockages in his heart but he wasn't thrilled with the idea. Instead he went on the MegaChel program and cleaned everything out that way. Not only were he and his wife thrilled with the results, they were also thrilled with the cost, after all, Mega Chel and minerals were a lot cheaper than the surgery!

Through his research, Mr. Ott became convinced of the importance of minerals for balanced health and wellness. He believes that many people are mineral deficient which contributes to the incidence of disease.

Mr. Ott teaches that to balance wellness, begin by balancing the pH of
the cells, and health and wellness will follow. Mother Earth's Minerals
are specifically designed by Mr. Ott to replace essential trace minerals
directly to the cells in the correct water soluble, ionic form for easy assimilation by the body.

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 We are here to educate you and give you information on the alternative processes available to you so that you
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