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Pure Herbs -  Herbal Remedies
Unique combination was designed and formulated by the much-loved and admired Amish Herbal Practitioner, Solomon Wickey. Part of Solomon's wisdom in choosing two of the herbs in this combination was to observe Nature and note which plants can and do destroy fungus. His famous
Can-Sol was born.  One of the most effective candida treatments available.  

Avail yourself of the wonderful herbal combinations and single formulae by Pure Herbs, Ltd today.  

A. B. Howard, B.S.ed., M.S., N.D. wrote the narratives on the herbals and their use.  Formed the
Center for Building Better Health Naturally back in 1972.  He has devoted himself to practice and research and publishing materials through the Center.  Dr. Howard has devoted his life to building
better health naturally.  We owe him a debt of gratitude for providing not only a wealth of knowledge
but the exemplary product line we know as Pure Herbs.

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A consultation is best to determine what is
the ideal combination of herbal remedies
for the health issue you wish to address.  
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The number one hidden
ailment in the USA population
 Adrenal Exhaustion
The issue behind weight gain, fatigue and depression, chronic fatigue and
 lowered immunity.

Colds and Flu you can't Shake?

Think Adrenals

Behind Thyroid problems is...  

What most doctors and nutritionist and alternative health care providers don't
address for weight and health problems
are the adrenals.  This horrible mistake has cost some their lives.  The thyroid issues
 that are real and prevalent have this major gland malfunction behind it and if not treated first and then along with the thyroid can
cause the thyroid treatment to fail or worse
in some instances cause death.

Your FIRST PRIORITY is to nourish the adrenals and then start your thyroid regimine.  Whether you are using the natural approach or the pharmeceutical approach.
When the adrenals are chronically
overworked and straining to maintain high cortisol levels, they lose the capacity to produce 7 Keto DHEA  25mg is a sufficient amount. 7 Keto DHEA (the full name is dehydroepiandrosterone) is a precursor hormone to estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone, and is necessary to moderate the balance of hormones in your body. Insufficient 7 Keto DHEA contributes to fatigue, bone loss, loss of muscle mass, depression, aching joints, decreased sex drive, and impaired immune function.  

 Ashwagandha  4 ounce  $42.75

Read how Ashwagandha (a high quality form) can start to turn around thyroid malfunction, exhaustion and even chronic fatigue;  which 9 times out of 10 is an  adrenal problem.

The following symptoms not receiving
the support it needs to maintain healthy adrenal function

Feeling tired despite sufficient
       hours of sleep
Weight gain
Hair loss
Reliance on stimulants like caffeine
Cravings for carbohydrates or sugars
Cravings for salt
Poor immune function
Intolerance to cold

Related conditions
Adrenal fatigue is a likely factor
 in several medical conditions such
as the following:
Chronic fatigue syndrome
Premature menopause

The Pure Herb herbals that are adrenal nourshing:
Licorice Root, Passion Flower,
Schizandra, Three Bee's,
Ashawagandha, Black Cohosh,
Rhodiola Rosea Root, Panax
Ginseng and Fenugreek
 for lymph cleanse.
Ashawagandha  it is also a
daptogenic goes to the problem
stress-relieving properties
Protective effects on the nervous system
alternative treatment for Alzheimer's and Parkinson's
antioxidant  that seek
       and destroy the free radicals
evidence suggests  
has anti-cancer benefits  

The herbals that are
adrenal nourshing:

No 1 is Ashwagandha,
then  Licorice Root,
Passion Flower,
Three Bee's,
Black Cohosh,
Rhodiola Rosea Root,
Panax Ginseng and

Additional Help for stress
related illnesses

great combination to nourish glands.

VM-W (Vital Mineral)  which is great for clearing out the system
of fat and acid crystals along with mineralizing  the system to restore nerve function and alkalize the system of harmful inflammation which is the root cause of most all disease including heart disease
and cancers.

Read about the CRP test that is over looked by your physicians
and is a simple $10 blood test that can save your life when your heart and stress tests come back saying you are fine and that is when we
see the greatest amount of heart attacks...the arteries won't be blocked they will be eroded from acidity in the system and the
artery implodes from thinning.

Also important:
Pantothenic Acid

 Muscle Pain, Injury,  Arthritis
  These two combined with Arnica
 used topically have an amazing results with
Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Pain

Herbal Adj  
4 ounce 28.00

Herbal Adjustment
(Black Cohosh, Blue Vervain, Capsicum,
 Indian Tobacco, Siberian Ginseng)
Mental or physical shock to any part of
the body; headaches; migraines; neck and
shoulder pain; sore muscles; circulation;
arthritis comfort, painful joints; sports injury;
 distortion of the spine.

4 ounce $40.50

(Muscles Young and Old)
Healthy muscles are Vital for good
bone alignment and can protect
delicate organs!  "Sagging muscles equals sagging hearts and a
depressed spirit. Vibrant muscles
can lift the spirit and
the body glows with health!"

M.Y.O.-C is not a substitute for exercise. To make M.Y.O.-C most effective, also do a small amount of exercise. Nothing takes the place of exercise, nothing!

4 ounce $30.75


COMMON NAMES: Leopard's Bane, Arnica.

External use for lower cholesterol, emotional shocks, electrical shocks, sprains, bumps, pain, tooth pain.

PROPERTIES AND USES: Remove physical shock from the nervous system, bumps, bruises, sprains, injuries, vulnerary (promotes healing), operations, genital inflammations, reduces cholesterol, reduces swelling of boils.   read more

4 ounce $40.00
For Gout pain, joint pain
and arthritis

June 7, 2011 “For the last few years
I have suffered from reoccurring pain
in have to make quite often.

Since I am 61 years old and there
 has been arthritis in the family I just managed as best as I could and blamed it on aging.  I realized after
a short while on the herbs  I wasn't feeling pain at the usual times, but I decided to wait for the ultimate; I just returned home and there isn't any pain. I really tried to feel the pain there. The only thing I was doing differently was taking P.G.-G so I
give it full credit. It’s wonderful! I
hope it will be around for a
long time.”

 Yeast and Parasite Cleansing
Blood Cleansers and Bowel
for a complete program

yeast, worms, bowel. blood,
lymph and organs

My personal experience with food poisoning was stopped in it's tracks
with a tablespoon of CCEW.  I keep
it on hand for many things.
 ~Adelle, owner  

4  ounce $40.00

 or capsules

One must cleanse while killing off
yeast the IDEAL combination is
Can-Sol with BP-W, BC-W and
lastly but importantly CCE-W
This is the complete package
program for Cleansing.

 Add W.W and kill parasites too

Candida Cleansing
This unique combination was designed and formulated by the much-loved and admired Amish Herbal Practitioner, Solomon Wickey. This is for severe cases of Candida (Yeast) and other persistent yeast infections. Part
of Solomon's wisdom in choosing two of the herbs in this combination was to observe Nature and note which plants can and do live in dark and moist or wet environments and never have problems with a fungus infection such as yeasts.  read more

4 Ounce $40.00
Ideal is to use with
BP-W and BC-W

BASIS FOR ALL NUTRITIONAL PROGRAMS; cleans blood, bowel, nerves and repairs them. It is a life extender. C.C.E.-W is an antibiotic,
a poison antidote, and an outright corrective for numerous common
and many baffling types of conditions.
Its antibiotic activity is excellent.
Poison antidote for bee stings and insects. Take internally and apply externally, as needed. For severe
itching conditions, such as chicken
 pox, paint C.C. E.-W
on the areas with a Q-Tip or Cotton
Bud to relieve the torment.
Also, take condition, read more

4 ounce $40.00

Blood Cleaner  addresses organ cleaning
(Yellow Dock, Burdock, Greasewood, Red Clover, Dandelion Root, Barberry, Yarrow, Sarsaparilla, Gentian, Black Cohosh) Blood Cleaner; pollution; toxicity; skin problems; blood poisoning.

B.C.-W (Blood Cleaner) - The longest river in the world resides within your body. It is a living river. It is called the blood stream. Longer than all the major rivers of the Earth put together, this mighty torrent serves you by cooling and warming the body, providing oxygen and food to the cells and carrying away carbon dioxide, urea, acids, "ashes", worn out cells and outright  trash that collects from inactivity.  read more

4 ounce $40.00

B.P.-W (Blood Purifier) -
addresses lymph cleaning

The combination effect of some
herbal combinations is comparable
to beautiful music played with all the necessary elements of harmony,
 rhythm and melody. The herbs blend and support each other and become much more than each separately.
Such a combination is B.P.-W. Here
the combined attention is to provide
the strength to clean and normalize
the blood stream.  

4 ounce $40.00

W.-W - (WORMS)
Is for the elimination of worms and parasites of all kinds.   This very widely used and enjoyed formula has taken on, and bested, parasites that aren't even listed in books yet, as well as those that are. This is a full spectrum approach to clearing the body area of all types of vermin. By incorporating the many-sided approach of the combination of Mugwort & Wormseed (SEE: Mugwort & Wormseed), and adding the other time-honored allies, Pumpkin Seed, Black Walnut, Male Fern and Cascara Sagrada read more

 4Lloyds Formua
4 ounce $40.00

Lloyd's Formula
For blood parasites and
gets the eggs too.

4 ounce $

Blue Flag ~Lymph, Liver, Glands
BLUE FLAG Iris versicolor,
Iris florentina

PROPERTIES AND USES: Powerful lymphatic cleanser, liver regulator, dropsy
(fluid accumulation), swollen glands, torpid
liver (lazy, clogged liver).

COMMON NAMES: For Iris versicolor:
Blue Flag, Flag Lily,Water Lily, Snake Lily,
 Poison Flag, Slender Blue Flag,

4 ounce $40.00

Lymphatic cleanse

4 ounce  $40.00

Moves Energy Effectively
Besides overall Body remedy
it affects emotions as well
Use with Dulse for Thyroid

Bitter Orange
Research has shown that it is effective in shrinking a distended stomach and lifting a prolapsed womb or rectum. It is an expectorant and laxative. It is considered to be one of the strongest chi moving herbs, with the power to help break up tumors." Bitter Orange is a digestive tonic, helps to relieve nausea and soothe stomach disturbance.

Orange Bitters is loaded with vitamins and minerals. A member of the citrus family, it contains generous amounts of vitamin C; therefore, is good for the treatment of scurvy. Itcan be beneficial in cases of anemia when Vitamin C is needed to provide the acidic environment necessary for iron absorption.
It also helps to clean the blood and has been reported to dissolve kidney stones.

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4 ounce  $40.00

(ANTI-INFLAMMATORY FORMULA) - Tamara Gordiyenko put together this formula to subdue inflammations and irritations from toxic, bacterial, chemical, or mechanical injuries; also for relief of sinus congestion. Licorice Root (Glycyrrhiza Glabra L.) is nutritive, demulcent, expectorant, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antihepatotoxic, (cleans the liver) and mildly laxative. It invigorates the vital energy. Its sweet agreeable taste
 Digestion / Pancreas / Gall Bladder / Liver  / Overall Tonics / Kidney Stones

4 ounce $25.50
also used for Pancreatic Bad Cells

Properties and Uses: Tonic, invigorating digestaid, gout, fever, powerful alterative (changes for the good), fevers, oxygenator, general debility, anxiety, increased immunity, female weakness, dizziness.

Bodily Influences: (Gentian) as an immediate remedyof over indulgence.  Its roots contain a vast quantity of condensed oxygen, thus occurs an exhilarating tonic action.  Perhaps it is best for us to think of it as containing 6 powerful digestaids.

4 GG-B
4 ounce $40.00

Fast relief from:
Formulated by Master Herbalist
and Naturopath, Bella Vladimirsky
for the people who suffer from gall
bladder and liver problems. Bella
had gall bladder problems for many
years: severe pain underneath the
 right side of her ribs and between
 the right shoulder blade and spine.

The pain was gone and her digestion
 was improved tremendously. Her
of taking G.B.-B.  read more

4Stone Root
4 ounce $28.50

Collinsonia canadensis
PROPERTIES AND USES: Dissolve calcium and or waste mineral deposits, arteries, clean out fat, kidneys and urinary systems, male fertility and virility, prostate problems.


4 Ounce   $27.75

PROPERTIES AND USES: Kidneys, blood pressure, skin problems, elasticity of tissue, drive out heavy metals.

BODILY INFLUENCES: Horsetail, also
known as Shavegrass, bears the reputation
of "surgeon without a knife." When rolled between the fingers, the stems of the plant reveal its true nature of containing silicon, the same material which makes sand and crystals strong and resilient. This natural crystalline structure not only supports the body and gives it a smooth finish, but acts as an internal surgeon to shave away unworthy tissues and slough them off. The body structure thus renewed has greater integrity and elasticity. At the rate of 40 drops per day, a smooth finish is given to the skin much like the skin of the surface of an apple, and provides the skin you love to touch. Nerves become very resilient, nails flexible and tough and hair becomes "silky" as is noted when rolled between the fingers. read more

Cold and Flu
The ideal herbal remedies to have
in the cabinet.  Safe and easy.

though used as a bowel cleaner it will stop the flu and cold virus in it's tracks.  

Your immunity is in your gut.  Clean it clean out the viruses and material that causes your illness.

A tablespoon in the am and pm and 99% of the time you will not have to worry about it  getting a stronghold. It will be stopped.
The ideal cold and flu herbals
it also a great remedy to have on hand for food poisoning.

My personal testimony:
I had eaten something that in due time was showing itself to be a big problem.  I HATE nausea and throwing up...don't we all...well I thought I better take some CCEW.

 I did, a tablespoon, laid down and in no time (30 minutes) I no longer felt bad and realized I was going to be fine.  THAT is invaluable.  I could not afford to be off work.  I personally love the versatility of CCEW!  ~Adelle

 is great for stuffy head and lungs.

Whooping cough :
Kava Kava Combo

For Flu:
AF-R and AIF-T,
Bee Pollen Special and CCE-W

Wild Cherry Bark

Coughs, colds, sore throat.

Wild Cherry Bark, Wild Rose Hips and Bilberries

Yerba Santa

All star expectorant

Korean Ginseng

Immunity, viruses including HIV, viral infections and oxygenation, great source
of germanium

Yerba Santa Combo

Lung congestion, asthma, congestion, fluids in lung and bronchitis
 Lung, Respiratory

4 ounce $

( German name: Huflattich )
 - Lungs and breathing passages, bronchitis, asthma, mucus in the throat and bronchials, chest infections, cough, hoarseness,
shortness of breath, reduces harmful
effects of cigarette smoking; swollen feet.

4 ounce $28.50

Bitter Orange
Testimonial June 2004: "I feel
compelled to write a testimonial for
the Bitter Orange extract. I have been suffering with breathing problems for about three months. What began as walking pneumonia ended with a
severe case of bronchitis.

My airways have been very tight and restricted. After one dose of Bitter Orange under my tongue, my airways opened up and my chronic cough was silenced, all within seconds.

  4 ounce $40.00

A.E.A.-B - Asthma, emphysema, Allergies
by Dr. Bill Horosh
 to help with alleviating adverse conditions
 which primarily attack the respiratory system and those who suffer from allergies, sinus, and upper respiratory congestion. A.E.A.-B
is in demand especially during the spring and late summer months when pollen, mold spores, dust and various types of debris are
a plague to many. A.E.A.-B helps during the winter months, when the dry, stale air of artificial heating is constantly re-circulated and aggravates breathing problems. (Indian Tobacco, Herbal Adjustment, Thyme, Wild Rose Hips, Una De Gato).

 Cancer's - Advanced Disease

4Red Clover
4 ounce  $40.00

4Red Clover Blend
4 ounce  $40.00

4APR 4 ounce  $45.00

Whole Apricot
Dr. Ernest J. Krebs, a noted authority on cancer, has often stated that if a person eats 6-12 apricots kernels per day, they will never have to worry about cancer. He recommends peach or cherry kernels, as well. Contained within these kernels is a very small amount
of a substance called nitriloside amygdalin (laetrile, vitamin B-17). It goes directly to a cancer cell, stings it, and kills it. This is especially true of glandular cancers, such
as the prostate and other glands. The same is true for moles on the skin and internal tumors.
read more

4LAP 4 ounce $45.00

and cancer preventative in South America).

American medical doctors proclaim nothing short of miracles for quick
 relief of pain for cancers of all types
as well as their cure within one month
 in many cases. The first was the Cinchona tree bark, which yields
quinine and cures malaria. Lapacho, taken as a boiled tea three times per day, is reported to be their method.

 4GEN  4 ounce $25.50

Properties and Uses: Tonic, invigorating digestaid, gout, fever, powerful alterative (changes for the good), fevers, oxygenator, general debility, anxiety, increased immunity, female weakness, dizziness. read more

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4CLV    4 ounce $40.00

Kidney, goiter, cancer.  Settles stomach, toothache pain, kills
parasite eggs that lead to cancer
and cancer pains.
 Heart Repair and Artery Cleaning

HT Combo 4 ounce $40.50
HT caps 100 ct $12.00

H.T. Comb. (Heart Tonic)

(HEART TONIC) - Heart herbs which nourish the heart and repair valves, reduce swelling, restore feeble heart action, open congested heart blood vessels that are clogged, very slowly, so that the congestive debris is liquefied and flushed harmlessly from the body.

"Living heart insurance policy"; grow your own new heart instead of a transplant. You have a new soft tissue body every four months. Make it a better one.

You can make a tremendous difference in a year's time with the regular use of Heart Tonic and walking for exercise.  

HT Combo
 Herbal Adjustment

Heart and High Blood
Pressure Combo Kit
Contains the following
HT Combo for heart repair
OCM Oral Chelation for arterial clean out
Herbal Adjustment for circulation
Includes shipping anywhere
        in the USA via UPS

 4LOV  4 ounce $40.00

Lily-of-the-Valley and Blessed Thistle
Angina, heart repair, fluid retention
This combination is superior for the heart
and circulatory system, as is the combination
HT (Heart Tonic). This action is swifter than
HT for pains in the chest due to a heart
 problem.  read more

OCM 4 ounce $40.00
OCM caps 100 ct   $23.00

O.C.-M - (Oral Chelation
means to be taken by mouth
The importance of keeping arteries
and veins free of fats, cholesterol
 and hardened waste mineral accumulation, can be the
difference between a normal life
 and a substandard existence with
reduced activity, life expectancy
and or memory problems.

Oral chelation is the action of taking herbal cleaners and conditioners,
by mouth, to prevent and clean out circulatory congestion. Please
note, there need be no fear
a problem elsewhere.

Stone Root 4 ounce $28.50

Stone Root
Dissolve calcium and or
waste mineral deposits, arteries,
clean out fat, kidneys and urinary systems, male fertility and virility, prostate problems.   read more
 Mind, Mood & Nerve's ~ Stress

 4DAN  4 ounce $40.00

Depression, Anxiety, Nerves  and Bi-Polar
Practiced Herbalist, Pat Courter, put this blend together. Evening Primrose: Mental illness and depression, eliminates nerve acids on the cells,restores function of Solar Plexus, restores central nervous system, eliminates long-term nervous tension. Lady’s Slipper: For the exhausted nervous system, calms nervous centers of the brain, relieves migraines, restores calm outlook, feeds the medulla oblongata, provides energy to whole nervous system, reverses mental

4BBW  4 ounce  $40.00

Brain Balance
(Blue Vervain, Blue Cohosh, Black Cohosh, Scullcap) Brain and Balance; inner ear imbalance; Parkinson's; Cerebral Palsy; hearing problems.

B.& B.-W (Brain and Balance) - Excellent nervine to calm and repair nerves. To work on earaches, ear problems, balance and repairing nerve tissue or to bring a person out of a

4REM   4 ounce $40.00

Memory Restoration
 For centuries, the elephants of Ceylon (see-lon) south of India, achieved fame for their excellent memories. What do they do different from other elephants? They eat the leaves of a little water lily known as GOTA KOLA (go-to-kola). We can also use the leaves of the male and female GINKGO trees, which are known to increase the blood flow and circulation to the brain. Taken on  etail.   read more

 Thyroid and Adrenal's
Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue

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 Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue Issues.  

You will experience more emotional balance, physical energy and mental clarity.  Nourishing your adrenals so that the exhaustion is gently overcome.

For an even more complete picture,add one ounce version of Yarrow and Gentian the emotional issues are addressed.  These two have a powerful influence on feeling grounded and  overcoming the depression.

The Mighty Three

Bought together in four ounce each gives you a three month supply A proper amount of time to begin recovery.

Marsha's experience was within two
weeks she has over come exhaustion
 and the pain associated with
Fibro/Chronic Fatigue

The herbals that are adrenal nourshing:
No 1 is Ashwagandha
 Licorice Root,
Passion Flower,
Three Bee's,
Black Cohosh,
 Rhodiola Rosea Root,
Panax Ginseng and

4 ounce $40.00

Dulse is the finest sea vegetables known for
the thyroid gland, cold hands and or cold feet,
to prevent fibroid tumors in breasts, of the
uterus and on the ovaries. Take to reduce swelling of thyroid, enlargements or swollen lumps in the intestinal area.

4 ounce   $40.00

Muscle Youth, lifts organs that have
lost their muscle tone.

Licorice Root
4 ounce  $28.50

LICORICE ROOT Glycyrrhiza glabra, L.

PROPERTIES AND USES: Specific for low blood sugar, ulcers, coughs, stress, allergies, stamina, sweetener.

People today also experience stress. Licorice Root is a remedy for stress, be it from interpersonal relationships, allergies,
or lack of energy. Licorice Root feeds the energy and hormone manufacturing glands known as the adrenals.  BEFORE YOU EVER TREAT Hypothyroidism, the biggest mistake practitioners and Doctors make is not treating the adrenals for exhaustion
first.  You can do your thyroid and parathyroid irreperable harm if you do not restore the adrenals.  

In comes licorice root.  More times than not, subclinical hypothroidism and the weight
gain can be reversed through supporting the comes Licorice Root.  read more

4 ounce $38.50


It nourishes the glandular control bridge of the brain (pituitary-hypothalamus-pineal-complex) and encourages it to work properly. This control bridge then coordinates and encourages the
function of all the other glands below
the head.  This action includes the glands of the body such as the ovaries, testes, adrenals, pancreas, thyroid, thymus etc. They begin producing
their hormones again. This is a far different approach than orthodox medicine’s practice of dumping
finished chemical hormones into the body, which may or may not
be unbalanced, and cause the body’s glands to shrivel and stop any
production of hormones that might
be going on.  read more

Men and Women

Menopause comes with several symptoms including hot flashes, vaginal dryness, decreased sex drive, depression, anxiety, and insomnia. Many of these symptoms are due to the hormonal changes that take place. Hormone replacement therapy of estrogen and progestin is normally used to treat symptoms of menopause. There are also several natural and herbal remedies to help decrease the symptoms experienced.

 MP.E.P               MPS.-I.
                4 oz  $40.00       4 oz  $40.00

  Femine Problems
 4 ounce  $40.00

Hormonal Balance for
Men and Women
 4 ounce  $40.00

 Female Ovarian Cysts ~ Viral

Excellent for both men and women.

4 ounce  $40.00

 END-J Endometriosis Formula
Formulated to provide relief for viral infections in men and women that are systemic (torment entire body). This formula is also helpful for Endometriosis problems (inner layer of the uterus wall breaks apart and travels throughout the body and may form painful cysts containing blood, especially during period time). END-J is formulated to also be soothing and comforting for endometrial conditions.  read more

4 ounce  $40.00

M.G.-W (Multi-Glandular)
Multi-glandular; reversal of starved glands. A multi glandular quick
energy food combination for
glandular nourishment and energy
on a daily basis.  Reversal of starved glands that cause a body to age prematurely.  Nourish each of the
glands each day with what they
would like and need and you'll enjoy
life much more.   
In many ways you will be far ahead
 in relation to your aging process.

 Mens Health Prostate
Men and Women
4 ounce $40.00

P.-W (Prostate) - Combination for men. Reduce swelling and inflammation, soften and restore prostate to good working order. Resume normal urinary flow without trouble starting. Nourishes male reproductive system to promote normal sexual activity. P.-W may also be used as part of a Sitz-Bad (Ger. sit-bath) regimen. Use P.-W in conjunction with
a bowel management program to keep the area free of accumulated wastes which must be emptied frequently to avoid aggravation of the healing.   read more

4 ounce $40.00

UR.-W (Urinary) - For urinary tract problems of all kinds, corrects burning, reduces swelling of prostate and uterus, pinching, pressure, tightens urinary sphincter control to correct
 incontinence and dissolves stones
of the kidneys and bladder.
4UR-W  4 ounce $40.00
4RST  4 ounce $40.00
4P-W  4 ounce $40.00
4CCE -W  4 ounce $40.00
Total with shipping anywhere in USA

The Combination Pack for Prostate
The ultimate cleansing and
reversal of prostate issues.

I took these products, hoping it would help as I did
not like the doctor's approach for fixing my problem.
 I started taking Pure Herbs products and found I did not need the catheter. Within a few weeks I felt a huge improvement. I had a strong urge to go urinate.
I was very surprised that I passed a substance that was the size of an egg yolk and it splashed into the toilet. I was startled by the substance, at how large it was and the grayish color of it and that it did not float. I stayed on the products for almost one year, as I didn't want to have a recurrence of this problem again. I'm very happy to say that I have not had to visit the doctor since I started taking these products. It has now been over two years and everything is working great! Oh yes, Hope is my step-mom. Thanks again Mom!" -- Lorne Lang, Federal Heights,CO

4 ounce $40.00

Prostate issues can be caused by
scar tissue.  The lymph glands carry most of the debris away and we do
not want this cleansing action to
occur so quickly that discomfort
 might result. Scar tissue can form
 in areas of low oxygenation, and in areas that have been traumatized. It
 has been said that scar tissue can
form within 48 hours after injury. For
the best results: Take RST-C internally and apply externally along with Arnica
or Arnica Oil Blend on the area of skin near or on the affected organs,
muscles, nerves, ligaments, bones
or vertebrae.
 Viral and Health Restoration
herpes and more

4 ounce $38.50


The desert herb Sutherlandia has the scientific name of Sutherlandia frutescens and is also known as Kankerbos, belbos, bitterblaar and gansies in South Africa where it is at home. In English people also call it Cancer Bush. It is a medium sized shrub with green leaves and bright red flowers. Parts used are abovethe ground: leaves, green stems, flowers and seeds with pods.

SUTHERLANDIA seems to be an herb which mainly improves the workings of the immune system (bone marrow, thymus gland, liver, lymph nodes, spleen and other parts of the body). It assists the body to root out and clean out viruses wherever they may be in the body, no matter how long they have been at their destructive work. What is surprising is just how many problems may be caused or aggravated by viruses and their poisons.

Once body cells are weakened by something such as poor diet, poor bowel functions, harmful medications, emotional upsets, overwork, or other types of "stress" (stress
 = anything that threatens your survival), "disease" organisms can move in to work their mischief. One of those "disease" causing organisms is known as
a virus.  read more

Sutherlandia Combo

Sutherlandia Combo

Another that is stronger and for
someone whom is really toxicit is
 a good one but you will go
through a reverse healing process
Sutherlandia is outstanding for
killing viruses and bacteria

The standard Echinacea is always
good to have on hand to boost the
immune system as well as  Olive
Leaf.Olive leaf was discovered to kill
off malaria by a catholic monk in the 1500's.

 Skin Treatments
        Wrinkles, Eczema, Psoriasis, Acne  

Hair and Scalp

 What diet and RST can do...
Repair Scar Tissue RST
(Remove Scar Tissue)

Mrs. Pat Courter from Texas and Lynn Scott developed this product. Not pictured above.
Mrs. Courter was in a car wreck in 1998. A piece of metal went through her lip to the bone of her chin. She decided to run an experiment on herself. She rubbed RST and Ol' #11 her chin, even her skin doctor, is simply amazed.  read more

General Skin Problems and their Solution

can be an underlying cause of many
skin problems

Acne, Cysts, Puss filled eruption

Hair, Nails and Skin Care  also see Horsetail


 4HR-F  4 ounce  $40.50

(HAIR-FORD) - This blend, was put together by Practiced Herbalist,
 Edna Ford. This formula came to be after much consideration and research as to which herbs would work together, not only for the hair, but would help the body in the process. The following
herbs were chosen, as they have been known to help the body function better and help to produce good and healthy hair. Sage is known to be good for hair and has helped to restore the color of  
the  hair to normal. It also helps in the stimulation of circulation to the head, brain, and memory.  This formula is
B-l, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, Vitamin A and C, and niacin

 Blood Sugars
Hypoglycemia / Diabetes

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HYG.-W 4
4 ounce  $40.50

HYG-W Hypoglycemia (Low blood sugar)

Low blood sugar is a constant and ongoing problem for more people than you might imagine. Bad effects known to occur from low blood sugar could easily fill several, closely
type written pages. Essentially, what happens is that a person does not get and/or digest enough high quality protein and may also be deficient in the B-Complex Vitamins. Protein stabilizes blood sugar, and the makes it possible for the nerves and brain
to feed on its requirement read the rest

  4DB8 4 ounce $40.00
also used for
 cancer and blood pressure


The eight herbs of this combination
are all known to have, by themselves, corrected high blood sugar for many individuals. Every case of high blood sugar is not alike. There are different causes which can plague the pancreas and its proper production of the
hormone insulin to break down blood sugar and provide energy for the
nerves and brain. The idea here is to
put all the known solutions into one team and use a “double-barreled-
Texas-shotgun” approach to clearing
the hall, point
both barrels, close your eyes,
squeeze the trigger and let the
problem have it. Although the
complete knowledge of how some
herbs work is not fully known, we can tell, by what they do, something about how they work. read more

4 ounce  $28.50

PROPERTIES AND USES: Vulnerary (healing), stimulant, tonic, diuretic, high
blood sugar.

Yarrow settles nerves and thus reduces high
blood pressure. It relieves shortness of breath and wasting of spinal marrow. Its list of successes is legion. Beneficial results in this partial list confirm its revered status among herbalists: Childhood diseases, including
infant diarrhea, uterus problems, Bright's disease (egg white material in the urine), gas, piles, sore nipples, fistulas, flu and hair loss. Yarrow may be taken for involuntary loss of urine, bed wetting, spitting up of blood, as a nervine and as a remedy for common colds and high blood sugar.  

Oral Care

Mouth Wash for Bledding Gums

RED ROOT & T.G. & P.-W
T.G. & P.-W - Teeth, Gums, Plaque, cleans roots of teeth and corrects swollen gums, dissolves plaque, mouth rinse. (Blood Root, Myrrh, White Oak Bark, Marshmallow, Mullein, Mugwort, Indian Tobacco, Scullcap, Knitbone, Black Walnut Hulls, Gravel Root).

Tea Tree Oil mixed with peppermint and citric acid and sorbitol or stevia and dionized
or distilled water makes an incredible mouth wash
that gets rid of gingivitis and bleeding gums heal.  40 parts water, one part tea tree oil,
one part peppermint, stevia
to taste, citric acid to stablize.

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