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Himalayan Rock Crystal Salt Lamps - Experience the Healing
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  Himalayan Rock Crystal Salt Lamps - Experience the Healing
Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps
Experience the Healing
This has nothing to do with
Tibetan Bhudism, Himilayans is a mountaineous
region in Tibet.  The salts in these mountains are
exceptional and healing.  Like sea salt it more
healing than table salt there are various ground salts
that are better than others.
Enjoy soothing therapy from
your own crystal salt lamp.

Negative lons are beneficial  for our health and play a role   
of "Air Energizers" or  "Vitamins of  the Air".   Ions are
molecules or atoms of OXYGEN with or without electrons.  
An electronically charged molecule is called a  "Negative
Ion" whereas a molecule that has lost its' electrons,  
generally due to polluted air caused mainly by electronic  
appliances functioning indoor, is known as "positive Ion".

Salt Crystal Lamps produce Negative Ions, which are  
essential for health and general upkeep of the human body,
as  they kill the contaminated particles, (Positive ions) from the air.

 These negative ions have been found by many  health practitioners around the world to address ailments like  neuralgia, hypertension, rheumatism, kidney and liver conditions. Hormone imbalances  that produce migraine headaches, sufferers find relief.  Increases alertness and enhances the immune system; along with having a positive
impact on lung function / respiratory problems. It reduces ones susceptibility to colds and flu, allergies, hay fever, asthmatic attacks, and sinus.  Other health benefits they provide relief from stress and anxiety.

In treatment protocols in Tibet, the patient was required to
spend 2-3 hours in the salt mines.

Now you can conveniently experience this healing through these beautiful salt lamps
All Lamps have marble bases and includes wires and bulbs
Marble base is safer than the typical wood base and all wiring is
safe and reliable westinghouse

 SPHERE    $ 45             
DIAMOND  $ 45   
TEAR DROP  $ 45            
EGG $ 45            
MUSHROOM   $ 45         
FLAME   $ 45       
Prosperity Bowl
 LARGE $75
 8 inches
8 inches tall
 6 inches square base

10 lbs - 15 Ibs       $55.00

LARGE NATURAL LAMP                   
15 Ib - 28 Ib         $80.00

30 Ib - 50 Ibs      $100.00

8 inch tall
7 inches square base
 $ 75.00

        Candle Holders
 Candle Holders
Natural $16.00

 Apple $ 20.00

Meditation $ 20.00

Round $ 20.00  
Diamond $ 20.00
Heart $ 23.00

Perfection $ 20.00                             

Round $20.00

Cylinder $ 20.00

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