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The only system
that will remove
drugs from
your water
Steam distilling
is the only method that
removes pharmaceutical

for Drinking
and Cooking

removes pharmaceutical
kills bacteria, viruses, giardia
and cryptosporidium, while chemicals,
 heavy metals and other contaminants
are left as residue.

This convenient home unit
makes up to 4 gallons
of distilled water per day.

expensive built in home filtration
systems will not remove
from your water;
cannot afford house
filtration system or live in
an apartment?

Shower Filter Unit


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 Quality and Efficacy

Are You taking someone else's  Drugs ?
 through your Drinking water!!!
 read this and then buy your best defense...

Probe Finds Drugs in Drinking Water
AP Posted: 2008-03-09 19:47:32

(March 9) - A vast array of pharmaceuticals — including antibiotics, anti-convulsants, mood stabilizers and sex hormones — have been found in the drinking water supplies of at least 41 million Americans,
an Associated Press investigation shows.

Philadelphia Drinking Water was found to have:
56 pharmaceuticals or pharmaceutical byproducts,
including medicines used to treat :
high cholesterol
mental illness
heart problems

Estrogen-like Compound Pollution
Another factor that has generally been overlooked by the medical community is the recent introduction of estrogen-like compounds into our environment. These compounds make their
 way into the body through respiration, ingestion of contaminated food, and skin contact.
Once in the body, they block thyroid hormone production and contribute to hypothyroidism.
These compounds include such environmental pollutants as:
cancer causing PCBs, dioxins, and pesticides
such as lindane or dieldrin.

Besides increasing the risk of estrogen-dependent cancers, these estrogen-like
pollutants block the production of thyroid hormones. Unfortunately, these pollutants
can now be found in both our food and drinking water supplies.

This is one of the primary reasons we are seeing problems like
hypothyroidism showing up in our children.
This is also one of the primary reasons for the use of a distillation of water


Is the only way you can remove the drugs
 from your drinking and cooking water

Most Filters simply can't remove the drugs of these substances,
Chlorine or boiling has no effect on them.

WARNING:   Your Shower is Doing You Harm!

 Water Treatment Safely Eliminates Chlorine and Fluoride In Everyday Water that's Been Irritating Your Skin, Scalp And Hair…For Over all Good Health This is a must.  I shudder to think what is being slurped up into my system through my skin.  Do you want to bath in this and absorb it into your system?

For many eczema, psoriasis and dry skin sufferers, the primary cause of their suffering is the chlorine and other chemicals found in the water coming from the shower every morning or evening.

Well, did you know that your body absorbs up to 600%
more contaminants in a ten-minute shower than from
all the water you'd drink in a day?

Not only that, but harmful chloroform will spread from your shower and
travel as a fine vapor through your house contaminating everybody who inhales,
or comes in contact with it.

But now that can easily be stopped!

 Use Shower Head Filters
be protected from over 99% of the hazardous chemical
found in everyday water.

… within days you'll see healthier, younger looking,
“itch free” skin, hair, and scalp.  

It's easy to install and takes just minutes.

No plumber required.
Just unscrew  your existing shower head and put your
new one in. It's that simple!

The filter inside lasts a full 6 to 9 months and
treats the water as it comes out of your shower.

Now you'll never infect your skin and scalp with harmful
chemicals like chlorine and fluoride again.

Why cleaning your water source is so important
Why lngredients Are Important

    The skin is a living, dynamic and unpredictable organ, as well as the largest functioning organ
of the body. Our skin protects us by preventing bacteria, germs and pollutants from entering the blood stream. Everything we put on our skin is absorbed and goes through every vital organ.
Our skin breathes out waste and toxins as well as taking in oxygen, moisture and nutrients.

Metals can be acutely or chronically toxic. Chronic toxicity is much more difficult to diagnose. In chronic toxicity, a person is exposed to small doses over a long period of time. Symptoms may not develop for months to years. Acute toxicity symptoms may be different from those of chronic toxicity. For example, acute inorganic mercury toxicity may cause nausea, headache, diarrhea, and abdominal pain, while chronic inorganic mercury toxicity causes difficulty in swallowing; abnormal vision, hearing, taste, and smell; and poor coordination in the arms and legs and learning disabilities and allows disease to take over the body by breaking it down.  It also is one
of the main causes of autism and asperger's syndrome and ADD.

   Metals inhibit the activity of many enzymes and they can bind to vitamins. Toxic metals may displace essential metals. They tend to accumulate in target organs, and when the level exceeds the threshold level for that organ, symptoms result. Many of the organs affected are those that are normally involved in the detoxification procedures to eliminate the metal from the body, including the kidney, the gastrointestinal tract, and the liver. Metals are often toxic to the organs that cannot detoxify them.

- 98% of all the cosmetics and hygiene products on the market contain mineral oil.
- The World Health Organization lists mineral oil as a known carcinogen.
    - The US Government did a study of 3000 chemicals used in cosmetics & hygiene    
       products and found that:

1 out of 3 were toxic

1 out of 3 were toxic enough to cause death

1 out of 10 caused biological mutations such as cancer or birth defects

1 out of 11 caused reproductive hazards

According to the 2000 PDA statistics, 89% of the 10,500 ingredients
used in personal care products have not been evaluated for
safety by the PDA.

1 out of 100 products on the market contain
ingredients certified by government authorities
 as known  or probable human carcinogens,
including shampoos, lotions,
make-up foundations, and lip balms.

 Counter Top Distillation Unit                                                                 

 Shower Head Unit**
Shower Head Replacement Filter
 Water Pitcher**
Water Pitcher Replacement Filter
Distillation Unit & Shower Head Unit
  All three
  2 Distillation Units
3 or more Distillation units
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