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How to Make Tincure's
Items that you will need to make your own
        herbal tinctures.
Fresh cut herbs or Powdered herbs  
Vodka, brandy or rum, 80-100 proof to cover
       the herbs.
Mason jars with lids and labels for the jars
       Cheesecloth that is unbleached.

The Healing properties of plants are profoundly influenced by how they are grown, what season they are picked and what time of the month they are picked.  Interestingly, the moon has much influence in this and as such in the Native American culture it is common to not only pick on new moons, but to reduce and infuse them in the dark of the night during a full moon.  This practice also translates to germinating seeds for planting.

The use of e thyl alcohol to dissolve and preserve the herbs is the common way of indueing the liquid, but rolling the barrel as it were is highly important as well.  Blending and mixing is much like making a good wine. Herbs you are making into tincture is known as the mark.  The alocohol's  used to extract the herbs is known as the menstrum. Making tinctures is the best way to extract and preserve both  the water infusion and alcohol infusion properties of an herb.

Get your ingredients and utensils together.  We are looking at ratio of herbs to liquid whether distilled water or alcohol.
You will need 10 ounces of chopped fresh herbs for every quart of  brandy or neutral grain spirits . Use  fresh herbs when making  tinctures or when using dried herbs a rule of thumb is about 4 ounces of dreid herbs to one pint of liquid. If you are making a tincture from bitter herbs it is best to use palatible oil essences such as peppermint or a stevia to sweeten and mask the taste of the herbs. To make a non-alcoholic tincture use distilled water or glycerol. Keep in mind that non alcohol suspension tincture will have to be refrigerated.  Be sure to turn and roll the mixture.  Every day at least, if not as many times as you think of it.  Settling and such goes on and you need to keep the mixture blending and suspending throughout the liquid.  Be sure there is an inch or so above the herbs .  At this point, if you are using the alcohol based tincture be sure to store that in a dark and warm area.  Not in the sun, but not in the refrigerator.  That is for non alcohol formulations.  Some like to put their creations in a box or paper bag for a month to three months for full potency.  The least time you can do is 2 weeks.   Dosage is one teaspoon tincture in a cup of tea, juice or water taken three times daily.   This equals about 40 drops if you use a bottle with a dropper.

People are turning to homemade tinctures made from fresh or dried herbs. Tinctures have proven to be more powerful and longer lasting than dried herbs. Dried herbs can get moldy or be eaten by insects, tinctures do not. Tinctures will keep up to two to three yearswhile maintaining their potency.   Storing them in a refrigerator or cool dark place if alcohol based is important for longevity.  Making your own tinctures will save you money. When you purchase tinctures you are paying for the processing time and equipment, which is fair enough, but  you will get a few ounces whereas if you make it yourself you can make about about a quart.

This is the best company to purchase bulk herbs to make your tincture's and tea's is
Mountain Rose Herbs.  Use this ad link below.

Bulk organic herbs, spices and essential oils. Sin

Another way to have a quicker medicinal herbal remedy is in tea form...go here to

Not all herbal formulas are created equal.  Quality is important for efficacy, never  
 skimp on quality for price.  The herbs don't work if they are old, harvested improperly,
non organic and improperly processed.  Stored improperly they become moldy.  ><
You want the best.   Also, when ordering premade herbs, you are paying
for typically a 30 day treatment in a 4 ounce bottle.  Spending a little more up front
or even about the same, depending on how many bottles you order typically of premade
tinctures or teas, you will have what you want, but an amount that will last you
 up to 3 to 6 months.  

Save money, customize your blend,  ~ with all the help you need.

Not finding the combination
formula you want?  
Some are good but missing
ingrediants you want or need?  
Some ingredients you are
allergic to?

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