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Blogging on Herbals for the Heart

Herbs are usually used to achieve four main objectives:
1. Dilute the blood concentration
2. Increase the fluid in blood
3. Activate the blood flow
4. Dissolving the blood clot.

Commonly used herbs are:-  HT Combo and OCM by Pure Herbs with great success.  Call for questions and answers to your heart concerns.

Root of red rooted salvia (Radix Salviae Miltiorrhizae) cool the heart; activate the
blood in heart; disperse blood stasis and relief pain.

Fresh or dried root of rehmannia (Radix Rehmania) cool the heart ; cool the blood;
increase the fluid in blood and dilute blood concentration; nourish yin.

Burreed (rhizome) (Rhizoma Sparganli) mild warm; activate blood flow.

Zedoary turmeric (zhizome) (Zhizoma Zedoariae) mild warm; activate the flow of
zhi or vital energy.

Fruit of hawthorn (Fruitus Crataegi) disperse blood stasis; dissolve blood clot.
Root of pseudo-ginseng (Radix Notoginseng) disperse blood stasis; dissolve blood clot.  

Apart from the above, herbs should also be used according to the outcome of the eight syndromes to balance the condition of heart so as to provide a suitable environment for general health.

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