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Buying for Baby without breaking the bank

After my daughter was born, I sat down and looked over all of the unnecessary and unused items that I had accumulated during my pregnancy. A baby "backpack" to carry my child around in (turns out she absolutely hated it), swaddling blankets that promised hat baby would be so comfortable that she would sleep all night (which she still has not) and many other items.

For reasons unknown, I purchased these items because I thought they would make me a better mother. Now that my daughter is older and I have become a little wiser, I have compiled a list of absolute necessities for a new mom. Hopefully, this will help you save time and cash when shopping for your new baby.

Onesies (creepers)
Plain onesies are the best item of clothing for baby. They are usually inexpensive so you can buy a variety of sizes without breaking the bank and they are comfortable clothing for baby. Make sure that you purchase the appropriate type depending on the weather at the time your baby will be born.

I recommend purchasing a couple of different types of pacifiers. See which ones your baby prefers and then purchase more according to baby's preference. Three to four pacifiers are sufficient: one for the diaper bag, one for the car and a couple in the house are all you need.

Some babies like a faster flow nipple when others prefer a slow flow nipple. Purchase a couple different types of nipples and see which one your baby prefers. Also, I recommend purchasing five to ten bottles so you are not constantly washing bottles.

I have found in talking with other new moms that most babies fit comfortably in preemie diapers for the first week or two after being born.
With this in mind, purchase one package of preemie diapers and one package of size one's. The selection of sizes will keep you from having to run to the store to buy the next size up or down in diapers.

Before purchasing a car seat be sure to research safety and customer reviews for car seats that you may purchase. Prepare a list of reliable seats to bring with you when you register for or buy the car seat.

If you are going to take your baby out of the house, make sure that you have pants and/or shorts (depending on the weather) to properly cover up your child. I recommend at least seven pair of pants/shorts for baby.

Socks are necessary to keep little feet warm! Have seven pair of socks on hand so you can limit doing your little one's laundry to once a week.

Bassinet/Co Sleeper
Before baby is born discuss your sleeping preferences with your partner. Some new parents prefer co-sleepers while others prefer cribs or bassinets. Be sure to research your picks before purchasing or registering.

A Few Toys
Have a few toys on hand such as rattles or small toys with lights. These will help develop your new baby's senses. However, do not go overboard. Your baby will be more interested in sleeping than playing so save your money until baby is older.


Someone told me that you can never have enough blankets for your newborn and boy were they right! Blankets get dirty fast so make sure you have enough on hand. I would recommend anywhere from 10-20 blankets for baby in a variety of thicknesses and textures.
Some optional items that I found useful are as follows. Remember you do not need these items for your baby but some people find these things helpful.

Baby Swing
You may want to let your little one try a swing before you buy it. Some babies don't like swings!

Again, try one of these out before you buy a whole set. Typically babies will not be interested in made for baby movies until they are three months old.

Diaper Bag
If you cannot afford a diaper bag in the beginning, a large purse or even a grocery bag can serve as a diaper bag in the interim.

If you do not plan on taking your baby out very often or if you cannot afford a stroller do not worry. Many stores offer shopping carts with baby chairs or just carry your baby when you bring baby out. If you decide to purchase a stroller be sure to research all of your options before you buy one.
by Linda Bower

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