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The RDA is it  A-OK?

Dr. Steve Nugent
Dr. Nugent's low-glycemic food pyramid.
The 1989 RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) does not address nutritional needs for optimal
health. Instead, it addresses the opposite end of the spectrum: the minimum requirement to
prevent nutritional deficiency. In addition, the RDA is based on dated findings-many of them
now obsolete-and may no longer even meet the minimum levels for nutritional disease prevention
in every nutrient category. In recent years, the scientifically validated data on many foods and
their nutritional values have changed dramatically. Since so many people depend cm the RDA
as a primary food information source, current examination of all foods and their nutrient content
is overdue. Further studies should be conducted and incorporated with the latest data about
environmental, psychological and physical stresses that lower serum levels as well as cell nutrient
levels. The RDA should then be modified accordingly, and changes should be broadly communicated.

Diagnosis: Disappointment

Health & Living consulted Executive Director of Complementary Health and Education
Dr. Steve Nugent about the new food pyramid. Here he provides thought-provoking insights
and opinions, plus a description of how his ideal food pyramid would look.

Q: Dr. Nugent, what is your general reaction to the new USDA food pyramid, MyPyramid,
announced in April?

A: Overall, I'm disappointed. It shows little progress beyond the original version that it's replacing. While
there is greater emphasis on the importance of fresh fruits and vegetables in our diet, there's still far
too much grain-based food recommended. I'm particularly concerned about the USDA's recommendation
that as much as half of the daily grain consumption can come from refined-grain products. These
"white foods" have little nutritional merit. Refined foods are completely unnatural to human beings
and should be avoided.

Q: In your opinion, why is the new food pyramid so similar to its predecessor?

A: In spite of mounting scientific data that favors low-glycemic eating, the USDA is still driven by the
traditional low-calorie/low-fat approach to healthy eating. In addition, I believe the influence of powerful
industry groups and various political agendas can be perceived in the revised food pyramid.

Another consideration I see at play here is keeping the world's population fed. Our planet may no longer
provide enough nutritious food for everyone. The most obvious alternative is grain-based foods. They're
not nearly as healthful overall or as nutritious as fruits, vegetables and meat, but they do keep bellies full.
So some food pyramid developers may rationalize, "Since the world has to rely more on grain to keep
people fed, let's focus on how a grain-based diet can be good for you!"

Q: You've been recommending the low-glycemic approach for a number of years. Over that time,
has low-glycemic become more widely accepted?

A: Yes! Recently it's even been predicted that low-glycemic will soon become the "diet trend" in the U.S.
That's a trend I enthusiastically endorse! In fact, low-glycemic already has caught the public's interest
 under "catchier" names with slight variations in some current best-sellers.
Outside of the U.S., low-glycemic has gained medical acceptance, especially for diabetics. In France
and Australia, low-glycemic is frequently recommended, and in Canada the government is funding
extensive research into glycemic indexing.

Q: What would a low-glycemic food pyramid look like?

lean fish. Remember to limit fatty and "big game" fish like salmon and tuna because of high toxin
and mercury levels.

Omega-3 deficiencies are becoming more common among North Americans, so third from the
bottom would be nutritional oils for essential fats like omegas. Plant-source oils-including olive
oil, borage oil, flaxseed oil, black currant seed oil and peanut oil-are best (unless, of course,
one is allergic to peanuts). "Clean" fish oil-processed to eliminate PCBs, dioxins and heavy
metals like mercury-is also excellent. Canola oil remains too controversial to recommend.
At the top of the low-glycemic pyramid would be whole-grain foods. Note that neither refined grain
nor table-sugar products would be included.

In addition, a healthy lifestyle including regular exercise*, other physical activities and the right
supplements should be listed close to the pyramid. The reason is that healthful eating is vital,
but alone it may not keep you well.

Good health should not be thought of as a set of specific, isolated actions done sporadically.
Lasting good health results from an integrated approach implemented gradually and
maintained over time.

A: Starting from the base and moving up, the foundation of a healthy diet should be lots
of fruits and vegetables. The next higher level would be dairy and meat products, including
"Always consult your physician or healthcare provider before embarking on any exercise program.

ADD/ ADHD ~ Emotional Problems ~ Mental Problems....could be Hypoglycemia

You and your childs' mental state and learning capabilities are dramaticly impaired or helped by the foods
you eat.  It is wise to have your child checked for Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) as this can be confused
with emotional and mental disturbances as well as learning difficulties.

Read about low glycemic index foods and ask for our eBook explaining why this is important to know not
only for brain function but weight management.

Mental Institutions are required to test for blood sugar issues as these are often confused with mental illness.


Low blood sugar is a constant and ongoing problem for more people than you might imagine. Bad effects known to occur from low blood sugar could easily fill several, closely type written pages. Essentially, what happens is that a person does not get and/or digest enough high quality protein and may also be deficient in the B-Complex Vitamins. Protein stabilizes blood sugar, and the B Complex vitamins makes it possible for the nerves and brain to feed on its requirement of blood sugar. To stabilize blood sugar problems, protein should be taken at least 3 times per day, and in some cases it is necessary to take several small protein meals 4 or 5 times per day. The B-Complex of vitamins is also best taken 3 or more times per day. Rice Bran Extract is an excellent source of the B-Complex. The B-Complex vitamins provide a person with a sense of "well being". When they are not available, or digested, or absorbed and not present, the nerves cannot feed on the normal levels of blood sugar, and the sense of "well being" is lost. The major digestive organ-gland, known as the pancreas, and the anti-stress glands, known as the adrenal glands, go into a state of desperation in a frantic attempt to stabilize vital body functions.

The adrenal glands, one on top of each kidney, produce at least two dozen different anti-stress hormones and anti-stress compounds to stabilize the blood sugar and body. Many people are addicted to refined sugar and white flour types of "food" in an attempt to keep their blood sugar up. This causes more harm than good, as these types of refined carbohydrates (sugar and starch) are burned too quickly and, after a momentary surge of energy, are gone and leave the person feeling "burned out". Eating more "junk foods"
to solve the problem adds to the misery, because they do not contain the complete normal and natural profile of the B-Complex vitamins. They actually take Vitamin B's, out of the system to digest. The nervous system gets only a rapid spurt of energy, then crashes and the personality suffers. Bizarre symptoms can occur. In general, there is an over-reaction of the pancreas to make a hormone known as insulin. Then, the refined sugar and starches from cakes, cookies, ice cream, candy bars, soda pop, sugary breakfast cereals, white bread and white pasta can cause us much grief. Some people have a steady diet of this sort of incomplete food, commonly known as "junk food".

A person could just as easily say," robbed foods", as they are depleted of their proteins, vitamins and minerals in the refining process, to remove anything that could spoil, to increase shelf life and to look
pretty. The point is, if it won't "spoil", it probably won't digest properly. After the refining "junk food" gets a few unbalanced chemical vitamins and some crude elemental minerals from the ground added back to it,
and then it is legally called "enriched". The result is a perversion of nutrition. Eating this kind of food can produce just about any kind of unpleasant symptom around. A few examples are: headaches, skin problems, menstrual irregularities, surges of temper and/or destructiveness, inability to concentrate or reason, attention deficits, a feeling of "drifting off, dandruff, hyperactivity, abnormal tongue appearances, sore mouth, sore tongue, cracks at the corners of the mouth, constipation, colds, flu, teeth problems,
gum problems, over weight, etc., etc., etc.! The way to break these vicious cycles of suffering is to have high quality protein, of your choice, at each meal, as tolerated, to satisfaction. Take a digestive aid with
it, if necessary, adequate B-Complex Vitamins and, of course, eliminate the "junk foods".

These kinds of foods are generally composed of refined sugars such as white sugar, "brown sugar" (actually white sugar with a little natural coloring in it), corn syrup, white flour types of crackers, cakes, cookies, pies, assorted "crummy yummies", "brown breads" that are spongy and not heavy when you
pick them up, regardless of being called "whole wheat" or "rye bread". "Junk foods" rely on chemical
dyes, chemical flavorings and chemical preservatives to trick the tongue, make them look pretty, and extend their shelf life. Many people feel they cannot eat protein foods because they have allergies to
them, or bloat when they eat them. With a digestaid, such as Sweet Root, they may be able to do so. HYG.-W contains the digestaids Sweet Root and Juniper Berry, as well as Rice Bran for the B-Complex, and liquid Bee Pollen for protein. Rice Bran provides the complete, natural, balanced spectrum of all the Vitamin B's for proper nervous system nutrition and a sense of "well being". Licorice Root, Juniper Berry, and Bee Pollen, are a powerhouse combination for the adrenal glands, so that you have some get-up-and-go without having to crash after taking them. Sweet Root and Juniper Berry not only assist the pancreas
to digest your food, they

 Drink six to eight glasses of spring water per day, while taking 80 drops, three times per day, of the extract.
Your over all health and blood sugar will do well to have a good quality

GREEN DRINK make it or buy it premade....just get it into your families daily diet.  

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Warning!!!!  Do not overlook these two message's.  
click on the headline and read the whole story


In the journal Pediatrics (vol. 89, no. 4, April 1992), there appeared an article "Effects of Microwave Radiation on Anti-infective Factors in Human Milk". Richs M.D. from placeCityDallas, StateTexas, was the lead name of the study team. John A. Kerner from Stanford University, was also on the research team, and he was quoted in a summary article on the research that appeared in the 25 April 1992 issue of SW  News. To get the full flavor of what may lie ahead for microwaving, here is that summary article:
"Women who work outside the home can express and store breast milk feedings when they are away.
But parents and caregivers should be careful how they warm this milk. A new study shows that microwaving human milk-even at a low setting-can destroy some of its important disease-fighting capabilities.  "Breast milk can be refrigerated safely for a few days or frozen for up to a month; however, studies have shown the heating the milk well above body temperature-37°C-can break down only its antibodies to infectious agents, but also its lysozymes or it's digesting enzymes. So, when pediatrician John A. Kemer, Jr., witnessed neonatal nurses routinely thawing or reheating breast milk with the microwave oven in their lounge, he became concerned.

Chasing a Story   Journalist Tom Valentine, after chasing this story, found it interesting that 'scientists have so many 'beliefs' to express rather than proven fact. Yet facts eventually s credential-based conjecture.  Researcher Quan, in a phone interview, said that they believed the results of research so far warranted further detailed study of the effects of microwave cooking on nutrients. The summary sentence
 in an abstract of the  paper is very clear:
"Microwaving appears to be contra-indicated at high temperatures, and questions regarding its safety exist even at low temperatures."The final statement of the study conclusion reads:"'This preliminary study suggests that microwaving human milk could be detrimental. Further studies are needed to determine whether and how microwaving could safety be done."

2)  Metal Toxicity
from Bill Bergman, M.D.
Autism becoming an epidemic may be due to toxic metal overloads  
Heavy Metal removal is a major component.
Did you know that one of every six pregnancies is exposed to mercury levels above EPA's safe level from maternal consumption of contaminated seafood? That a mercury-containing vaccine preservative was a major source of mercury exposure from 1988 through 2002 although it is still permitted in flu vaccines.  That mercury from dental amalgams is another potentially important source. That the incidence of Autism increased from 6 in 10,000 in the 1980's to 1 in 166 today.   

Still smoking? Another reason to quit: a new study shows that many cases of ADHD
may have been preventable, as they may have been caused by lead exposure due to tobacco smoke in the womb.

ADD / ADHD  is directly influenced by the toxic metals in the childs system, even excess copper in the system is a culprit.  Some bodies do not process copper as well as they should.

Removing the excesses and understanding the relationship of proper minerals and metals in the diet is a must when considering the issues of these disorders.  Zinc is also an issue and the zinc deficien corrolates to the copper.  Increase their Zinc intake and you will offset also their ability to process copper properly.  

Zinc rich foods and supplements are important for Mother's; so many do not address their own diet deficiencies before becoming pregnant.  Mother's who smoke pass on the toxic chemicals from their blood stream into their fetus as wellas the nutrient deficiencies.  Mother's to be or want to be should detox from metals as to not pass this on to the unborn child, she should also consider the arsenic from cigerettes and second hand smoke.  Fathers also need to consider this, since his seman will be adversly effected by toxic metals.

Plastic Bags ~ A HUGE ISSUE ~ Watch this slide show
and you will never use plastic bags again.
I am working on providing a way to offer a
free Blue Iris Sanctuary Canvas shopping bag for
every purchase $50 and up.

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For Diabetes and Blood Sugar Balance
such hypoglycemia

Glycemic Vibrance H
Nutrients Helpful in the support of
healthy blood sugar levels*

Glycemic Vibrance H is a blend of concentrated natural foods high in fiber with
trace nutrients, polyphenols, essential minerals, carnitine, botanical extracts and antioxidants recognized to help in the maintenance of normal blood glucose levels.*

Nutrients that are helpful in the management of High Blood Sugar and Syndrome X.

Glycemic Vibrance H Capsules are the portable version of Glycemic Vibrance H Powder. They are intended for (but not limited to) use away from home, after starting the day with a serving of powder in cool or lukewarm blueberry tea (best).

Glycemic Vibrance L, Glycemic Vibrance H Powder and Glycemic Vibrance H Capsules. Nutrients in Glycemic Vibrance H have been selected for their role in supporting normal insulin uptake at the cellular level by providing a correct balance of nutrients associated with normal glucose metabolism within cells.* Other ingredients inhibit the conversion of dietary carbohydrate to blood sugar at the border of the intestinal lining to help maintain
normal blood sugar levels.*


Your Children's Development!

Did you know that your child grows and still is forming his bones until age 23!

 Back to school" means different things to different people, but it generally implies poorer nutrition. It's tough enough to get healthy food into kids when they're home, but at school the choices often seem to range from mediocre to dreadful.

School dietitians sincerely believe they select healthy foods for school meal plans. However, many have beentaught incorrect information based on dated or obsolete "facts." Considering French fries to be a healthful vegetable, or believing that pizza is nutritious since it includes most food groups, is wrong.

Also, calories from fresh fruits and vegetables provide very different nutrition than calories from pizza and cupcakes. The human body simply isn't designed to use junk food to refuel its vital systems.

As a parent, you can't completely monitor your kids' diets while they are away from home, but you can at least help them learn to make healthful choices. You can also pack them healthful lunches and have nutritious snacks ready after school.

More than 25% of North American kids are overweight! There is no longer any acceptable reason not to provide healthy, delicious, convenient low-glycemic snacks for your kids, especially when you realize that high-glycemic foods are not the healthiest food choices.

Kids have become conditioned to expect sweet, refined stuff. Cakes and cookies have traditionally been perceived as a treat or reward. However, contributing to health problems is neither a treat nor a reward. It is your responsibility as a parent to turn this kind of thinking around.

When kids say, "Oh please, mom, can't I have some cake, candy or cookies?" you should reply, "No, but you can have something you'll enjoy eating that will make you stronger, faster and smarter." Offer them creative combinations of cold fresh fruit or raw vegetables cut into bite-sized chunks or fun shapes along with a low-glycemic salad dressing you can either make yourself or buy ready-to-serve at most food stores. And, of course, don't forget to include :

 Green Vibrance Pills as a part of their daily health regimen.

Do this because you love them, they depend on you, and they are the most important people in your life.

 We are here to help contact us:

None of what is recommend in this site is to be in leu of proper medical help.  We do not treat disease in any way.  We are here to educate you and give you information on the alternative processes available to you so that you can make informed decisions and take charge of your own health issues.  We do not accept any liability for the advise and products we offer.  We are required to advise you that none of the information or products offered on this site is accepted by the AMA nor the FDA.  Please be advised and always seek professional medical advise when undertaking any suggestions in this site.  

Policy and Disclaimers: We do not offer medical advice. Consult your doctor. We are an info source

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