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Distributor Application for Pure Herbs Ltd
Up Level

Independent Distributor Information

We would like to offer you the opportunity to purchase Pure Herbs products direct from
Pure Herbs at wholesale prices. For example, a product which you purchase at $40.50, would wholesale at $30.00. The difference between Distributor Cost and Suggested Retail is about 25%. The Independent Distributor and his/her organization receives a purchase volume discount bonus. You can prosper in direct proportion to your efforts and business skill or simply buy for your personal usage.

There are no minimum or maximum purchase requirements to maintain your Distributorship. But, if a Distributors’ personal purchases equal at least $100.00 in any month, they then, in addition to profit on retail sales, will receive a purchase volume discount bonus from their
up-line (in this case, you will need to place the name Cynthia Adelle Schultz  in the box provided). See the table below.

$ 0.00 to $99.00 Zero
$100.00 to $299.99 10%
$300.00 to $599.99 15%
$600.00 & higher 20%

In other words, we will send you a check based upon the above table.

I would love to have you be a part of our team. (We think we have a pretty good organization with lots of good information!) Applications must be mailed or faxed. Pure Herbs cannot take phone applications because of the time involved.  .  

You will immediately receive two free books from Pure Herbs, which contain information on the herbal products. (This retails for more than $45.) The initial distributor fee is $35. (You are already ahead of the curve.) And who can't afford $20 per year thereafter. Remember, there is no requirement to keep any inventory on hand and no upfront investment.

PURE HERBS does not ship to Post Office Boxes because they send UPS; therefore, it
will be necessary for you to supply a physical delivery address. Note to United Kingdom distributors: Please check with customs in your area because if the order is confiscated, Pure Herbs will "not" reimburse.

You will have to give them your sponsor name and distributor number
I would be proud to be your up-line sponsor.
Best regards,

C. Adelle Schultz
Distributor #27869

• Be sure to put C. Adelle Schultz as sponsor before handing in your application.
• Before turning application in make sure it is filled out completely and signed.
• Make sure that it is legible.
• Make sure there is a method of payment.

PLEASE NOTE: After you have signed up and received your distributor number, you will need to place your orders through Pure Herbs, Ltd. at 1-800-860-4372 and will no longer
be ordering Pure Herbs’ products online from Blue Iris Sanctuary. Of course, we would love to have you continue to be a customer for our other fine products.

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