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My thoughts on life and living well
Reinvention is not an ugly word if you do it to yourself in love rather than shame.  Not in the act of blaming self or others, but come to the AH SO moment  and let God whisper in your ear.  

Hearing is the all important point to this dialogue.  Slow down, put on the best meditation music you have or can find and allow God to whisper His divine vision for your life.

Do you imagine the worst.  Can you even imagine what it is you want?  Not the wanting in the material form, that comes as you find yourself on the path that is made just for you.  No I am talking about what you want to feel like, be remembered for and what contribution you can make while in your earth suit.

Without vision my people perish.  The word imagination in the Greek in the bible is photomateo.  This is translated poorly in the bible as mind.  It is in truth imagination.  A photo is an image captured.  Think on that...capture a thought, a vision, a picture that is new and improved.  How do we `metanoeo', meaning changing one's mind.

 How do you feel about what you are and what you do, not just work, but your Modus operandi  "method of operation".?  How is that working for you?

Disease as everyone finally discovered (even though this was said biblically over 2500 years ago) is Dis easement with life that  has brought you to feeling sick and tired.

Imagine what will make you feel good.  What was that singular moment that you felt so good?  Never had one?  Best place to find it is to get quiet.  Listen, hear from the belly. You will start in the mind, shift to your heart and THEN down to your belly,  

We have been told follow your heart.  This is wrong. Your heart gives you information, the belly gives you the answer if you are on the right path.

You know the "feeling".  In your gut, it felt wrong or right.  We lose touch with that when we let the mind and the heart rule.  They start the process but in the end it is the gut that will tell you the truth of the matter.

Think on that and come back when I continue this dialogue to tell you more about the process of hearing from the belly and "becoming" for this incredible year of change.

 2013 a time, a portal, a door of opportunity to really have and be what God intended.  The one place you will actually feel aaahhhhhh, sooooooo.
C A Schultz ©2013  All Rights Reserved.

It's Your world, It's the only time you have;
spend it wisely.  Stop, Think, Pray and roll....