Healing Time and the Cellular Clock
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Healing Time and the Cellular Clock
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Healing time is via the Cellular time clock.

 By Dr. M. Colgan
The final principle of nutrition you need to know is Physiological Dynamics.  Unlike drugs, nutrients do not have rapid effects.  NO QUICK FIX.  The business of nutrition is to build a better body.  That has to wait on Nature to turn over body cells.  A BLOOD CELL LASTS 60 - 120 DAYS.  In 3 - 4 months your whole blood supply is completely replaced.  In 6 months almost all the proteins in your bones die and are replaced, even the DNA OF YOUR GENES.  In a year all your bones and even the enamel of your teeth is replaced, constructed entirely out of the nutrients

This time curse is well illustrated by the course of deficiency diseases.  If I remove the Vitamin C from your diet, within 4 weeks blood vitamin C will drop to zero.  But, you will see no symptoms of disease at 4 weeks.  You have to wait until enough of the healthy cells have been replaced by unhealthy cells.  It is another 12 weeks before the symptoms of scurvy starts to ravage your body.
So when you implement an optimal nutrition program, don't expect rapid results.  In one of our studies at the Colgan Institute, runners were supplemented to try to improve their hemoglobin, hematrocrit, and red blood cell count.  But after one month of supplementation, there was no improvement at all.  After 6 months, however, all 3 indices were significantly increased.
Think of it this way,  If you take a neglected house plant and start feeding and watering it, the leaves may PERK UP A BIT from the improved nutrition. But you have to wait for the old leaves to die off and new leaves to grow before you get a really healthy plant.  It is the same with the human body.  When you start feeding it better, you have to wait on Physiological Dynamics of your body to grow new improved cells in the improved nutrient medium.  


We are an immuno suppressed society.  I am offering products that I  know will give you the peace of mind that you have
brought your body into optimum immuno health and you and your loved ones will be resistent to these bugs that are out there.Go to root cause a decayed and suppressed immune system.  It isn't just that these bugs have mutated, it is also that weas a society and culture have poor immune health.

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