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A  Day of Health = Wealth©

Corporate Health Tele-Seminars & Massage
How the large Corporations such as Google keep their employees and
positively affect company bottom line.
Meet Your Coach and Contact Info   |   Glycemic Index Chart   |   Corporate Seminars and In Office Visits   |   Weight Loss and the Glycemic Index   |   Healing Time and the Cellular Clock   |   My thoughts on life

More relaxed and centered the employee the more productive.  Less illness, less down time....more quality work, more money, and so on and so on...


Help your employees give you their best!
The Employee Tune up

Improve productivity and eliminate down time due to illness / stress through massage
Tax deduction / can lower insurance premiums
Massage and Reiki are recognized in hospitals for their ability to heal.
Self help - what you have in the kitchen that heals- CD included
How to think yourself well - The Mind / Body Connection
Life Coaching - Manifesting a good life - Power of mind and how to create
                      in business and life all via convenient teleseminar format.

Once a month massage and or  twice a year nutrition and life coaching weekend
integrates your employee's health and well being .
Schedule a time to connect with employees and create a power house team that has
the energy to create.  Google and other successful corporations have proven that
providing these services on campus gives the time needed to meet the rising need for
health and stress intervention thus  increased employee loyalty and performance

Do you have a room that can be set up for massage?
Think of the health and stress relief benefits that having a massage once a
month provides and the ease of in office visits.

Health tele-seminar ~ Easy to attend, just get on the phone
Information and products that will jump start and rebuild immune systems
weaken by stress, environmental toxins and poor eating habits.  Tools that
will keep your employees and yourself at peak performance.

Living the Solution Program
For recovery and stress management

Call now 1(888)875-3582

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Remember a day of health = wealth©
Call Now for quote and set up your company health teleseminar
and or in office massage or reiki session.
Meet Your Coach and Contact Info   |   Glycemic Index Chart   |   Corporate Seminars and In Office Visits   |   Weight Loss and the Glycemic Index   |   Healing Time and the Cellular Clock   |   My thoughts on life


“Things don't change, you change”
  - Henry David Thoreau

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