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Mind Body Connection - DNA of the Mind

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Great Advice
  Every thought you think creates form on some level, and taking responsibility for your thoughts is therefore key to an empowered life.

Jesus said, speak and you shall have it.
Thoughts are the core level creative process.
Are you creating good or evil?  Evil is everything opposed to the light.


"Re-Dream your world to redeem it"

"Never mentally imagine for another that which you would not want to experience for yourself, since the mental image you send out inevitably comes back to you."

Indra Nooyi
Chairman and CEO, Pepsico

My father was an absolutely wonderful human being. From him I learned to always assume positive intent. Whatever anybody says or does, assume positive intent. You will be amazed at how your whole approach to a person or problem becomes very different. When you assume negative intent, you're angry. If you take away that anger and assume positive intent, you will be amazed.

Joanna Shields

I go back to things my dad said: "Your career is long and the business world is small. Always act with integrity. Never take the last dollar off the table." You can always do a slightly better deal, but that incremental dollar or windfall is not worth creating an imbalance that affects the relationship. You have to have the intuition to know when to say, "I'm going to make sure that we walk away feeling like we've both done well."

Eileen Collins
Space Shuttle commander, Columbia (1999) and Discovery (2005)

When I was a young child and teenager, my father drilled one thing into my head over and over again: "Do what you to do; whatever you think is right. Don't follow the pack." That's tough advice for a teenager, but it's what made me take flying lessons when I was 19. I've never really wondered what my father's motivation was. I do know that he was astonished that I went into the military to fly airplanes and became an astronaut.

Great illustration of prayer and why
Holy water and oils work.  God is allowing science to prove who He is and all His word is truth.  What you say you shall receive.

Masaru Emoto
In The Miracle of Water, Dr. Emoto demonstrates
how water's unique role in transporting the natural vibration of these words can help you welcome change and live a more positive and happy life.

Dr. Emoto also explores the sig-nificance of words and language, their origins,and their impact on water.

 He introduces and explains the key concept of resonance - the vehicle through which life-force energy is transmitted. From this knowledge, he draws out lessons that we can apply to our lives to reap the benefits of positive resonance, including more harmonious relationships, restored health, and improved communications. This thoughtful book includes new and extraordinary water-crystal photographs that provide   convincing reasons for all of us to choose positive words and strive for perfect resonance for a more healthy, peaceful, and happy life
Water crytal of water that was exposed to a label 'Love & Thanks'
Water crytal of water that was exposed to a label
 'You Make Me Sick.
 I Will Kill You'

The Law of Attraction: "Desire determines direction, and direction determines destination, which is another name for destiny." Thus, I see it as automatic -- we are automatically attracted to whoever or whatever we desire, love, want, yearn for, crave, etc. This is observable.
by Ben Swett   

Please go and read his dynamic web site filled with experiences with
the other side whether good or what we have classified evil or negative.  This is amazing blend of common sense, spiritual wisdom that takes the Christian concept into a realm that I have waited to find.  Not new age as one would classicly call it nor is it dead christianity which I label "churchies".  We have limited our God experience that should be vs the self involved new age that is filled with a level of demonic that a lot of people would say I am being legalistic, but I say this from experience.  The balance is being a "christian" and not stray into selfishness that says we are here to do our own thing, which we are not, but not swing into the legalism that says if we don't ascribe to going to a building we call church that we are going to hell.  Here is the link, browse and much to take in and so much that is SO usable.  Wise sense.....

Not too long ago, a new machine was developed called the magnetocardiogram (MCG), which measures the magnetic field of the heart, instead of the electrical field. To their astonishment, scientists found that the heart's magnetic field extends up to 12 feet in diameter around the body!

Using this very advanced technology, scientists have been able to confirm some absolutely mind-boggling things about the heart that they never imagined!

Every beat of the heart sends messages to all the cells of the body!
The brain in your head obeys the messages sent by the heart!
The heart can “think” for itself!
The heart has the ability to "remember" things!

Coming soon article on Heart Math
This supports the above article and I believe the information
about the heart wall sprang from the Heart Math studies.
Credit where it is due.  "Heart Math" goes back to the early 90's.

From "The Secret" and a well known tool for manifesting and visualization this fellow
writes a compelling and clear process for the Vision Board and is also a body
builder / philospher.  I liked this site

Great practical tools to balance your right and left hemispheres.   

How to heal via mind: read these two links to overcome disease

2)  Love Energy- Life Force - Fountain of Youth  If this does not link you to the exact
      page go to the bottom left of his site home page to link

Free very interesting eBook called "Open Your Mind" by Catherine Ponder
the female Norman Vincent Peale of our time, as she is called.
How a housewife prospered by opening her mind in a way that changed
the act of positive affirmation or "speaking" to prosperity.  What is that
missing link?  Download this free not for profit eBook and find out.  

Speak this one five minutes a day or when you think of it, to break the
worldly conditioning of our thinking and speaking:
"Nothing is too good to be true.  
Nothing is too wonderful to happen.
Nothing is too good to last".

"You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him
find it within himself."  ~Galilei Galielo

Rick Warren Interview : he wrote the "Purpose driven life"

"The Genius Dip" may be the most significant
thing you read this month if you're a parent or grandparent.

The gist of it is this: a startling Harvard study shows
that a STAGGERING 98% of children below the age of 4
displayed GENIUS capability. Yet, when they reach the
age of 20 it dropped to 10%.

Worst, after the age of 20 the figures plummeted
to a abysmal 2%.

My point? I believe that I have stumbled upon the
secret of dramatically increasing the odds of your
children remaining geniuses even as they age 20
and beyond!

In this report, I'm going to share with you the most
crucial discoveries that I've made in my 50 years of
studying the mind's power and potential.

I dare say that this is probably the most profound
observation about the untapped potential of children
you will ever read.

You're going to discover the One-Two-Three punch combo
to reawaken your child's genius I'm is going to revolutionize
the way you raise your children, and that's only a small
part of the Genius Dip.

Go read it now!

You owe it to your children...

"Start by doing what's necessary, then do what's possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible."
 ~ by Saint Francis of Assisi

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