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Multi-glandular; reversal of starved glands.

A multi glandular quick energy food combination for glandular nourishment and energy on a daily basis.  Reversal fo starved glands that cause a body to age prematurely.  Nourish each of the glands each day with what they would like and need and you'll enjoy life much more.  Do this for a few days and you will feel the difference; do this for years and in many ways you will be far ahead in relation to your aging process.  

Excellent for both men and

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A commentary on herbs using the following herbs as an example: mullein, I find along with lobellia, can
become ineffective after a certain length of time. It is better to use some and or most herbs  "on for two weeks"
then "off for two weeks" to remain effective. Some herbs do better as an adjunct vs the primary.  In a synergistic
profile they are better, than stand alone. I like to use lobellia, as an example, as a catalyst.  It is what is called
a smart herb or an adaptagen.  It will go to the area of complaint and help the other herbs taken to complete
the job effectively.  It is highly revered in the native american community.  It's common name is Indian tobacco.
Lobellia will help other herbs are amplified and hold their own better with it's influences. Richard Bach had it right.  

Plants have personalities. Some go together, some should only be around each other in limited basis. Others
are the best of pals and can stand together or alone.  The gathering and use of herbs is an art form.  They should
be highly respected as medicine.

Not just a flavoring or a mild experience though some are.  Always check to see if there are contra-indications
if  you are taking medications as mentioned above.  Never over dose, use sparingly.  A little goes a long way.  

The exceptions are there, like say Stinging Nettle, which is ideal for allergy and hayfever season.  2 capsules
every 20 minutes if you are in crisis is ok.  But, say with Lobellia, too much will induce vomiting, take more
than two weeks at a time and you will amplify your symptoms or it will no longer work at all.  Same thing with
St. Johns Wort.  Two weeks on then off, you will be come sensitive to the sun and burn easier.  So always talk
to an herbalist and make sure you are handling your herbal experience safely and effectively.
Policy and Disclaimers                                                      - Cynthia Adelle Schultz, NC, CMT, RM, Herbalist

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Be Your Own Tea Master
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get guidence master the art of medicinal tea's


Herbal Uses and instructions : Knowledge is power

Herbal Actions Terminology: very helpful when understanding how herbs work

How to make a boulice and what it is used for

How to make your herbs last longer / Growing herbs and Food to save money

You can have fresh herbs at your fingertips all year round. The herbs you can grow in your house
will be beautiful, fragrant and delicious and a lot cheaper than buying them each week at the supermarket.  
Chia Herb garden is an easy already set up product, or make larger more exotic herb bowls, large and full of herbs.  They make nice gifts as well.  Be sure to mark each herb to remember.

Or make your pots and get a grow ligh or put in a glass shelf in your kitchen window and grow there, beautiful and decorative.  Fresh herbs are expensive and another way to store them such as basil, get the old ice cube trays and mince them up put in each pocket in the tray with a little water and freeze them into a cube, just pop them out as needed and drop into your soups and dishes.Keeps for over six months.  Much longer it might have a "freezer taste"

How to make your fresh herbs last longer herb-savor : Put fresh herbs in a long square plastic container with tight lid, get a thick paper towel without prints and colours on it.  Damped the paper towel and wrap around the ends of your herbs.  This will keep the ends wet and water them, or save those rose bud stem water holders from the florist. Put the ends of your herbs in these with water.  Be sure to change the water it will rot the ends and change the paper towel. Triples the life of your fresh herbs.  Herbs stayed fresh for over 3 weeks compared to 35  days in refrigerator only.  Without water your herbs will expire very quickly.  Another way is to tiethem at the bottom in a bunch with cotton string and hang them upside down and let them air dry. Herbs like Rosemary have stiff stems you will want to remove the leaves and then put into a left over herb jar or any glass jar that
seals tight.


- how to make


 Frequently Asked Questions:

 Q. Why use herbs in a liquid form?

A: We use herbs in liquid form because they are more easily digested and absorbed. In this way they
work the way they are supposed to in the herb books. Remember, the true taste of an herb is your
guarantee of it being genuine. With herbal extracts we totally eliminate the necessity of swallowing
all those pills and capsules and the question of whether or not the capsule you swallow will be able
to get through the barrier film on the walls of your stomach and intestines and get to the area you
want it to work.

 Q. How do I take liquid herbal extracts?

A: You may take the herbal fluid extracts in juice for flavoring, although it is true that once a user is
accustomed to the taste, most users will simply take them directly from the bottle (assuming that it
is not a communal bottle, that is!).

 Q: What are liquid herbal extracts?

A: Herbal extracts are not concentrates. They are dilutions. This is just like the dilution you make when
you put a tea bag into a cup of hot water. When you make a dilution, like a tea, you have a water extract
of an herb and this is very easy to digest. This is much easier than eating the contents of the tea bag.

 Q: How are the liquid herbal extracts from Pure Herbs, Ltd. made?

A: The liquid herbal extracts from Pure Herbs, Ltd. are made with water and grain neutral spirits (a natural
alcohol). When the extract is kept in the liquid solution for two to four weeks, we get far more out of an
herb than if a capsule or powdered herb is in the body soaking for 8 to 24 hours. Alcohol is used because
it readily dissolves all of the oily, waxy, enzyme and hormonal portions of an herb. Water alone cannot do
this. In this way, we get everything the herb has to offer to build better health naturally.

 Q: How are liquid herbal extracts taken?

A1: Herbal extracts are taken on or under the tongue, mixed with fruit juice or used externally, as indicated.
When used internally, they are carried through the tongue or stomach walls almost directly into the blood
stream and thus, bypass the nearly 27 feet of tortured digestive tract.

A2: When applied externally to the skin, herbal extracts are rapidly absorbed and enter the blood stream
within seconds. They go where they are supposed to go and do what they are supposed to. They are
absorbed especially well from the soles of the feet, the palms of the hands, the insides of the thighs,
the temples of the forehead, the spine and back of the neck or any other places where you can feel
the pulse beat of the heart.

 Q: If I want to just start improving my health with the use of herbs, where do I start?

1. Work on the digestion with digestaid herbs.
2. Clean the bowel with bowel cleansing herbs.
3. Clean the blood and liver with blood and liver cleansing herbs.
4. Calm the nerves with brain and nerve herbs.
5. Don't eat processed "junk foods" made with white flour, white sugar, margarine and other
hydrogenated fats, table salt, and any foods with chemical additives.
6. Include protein at each meal.
7. Give vitamin and mineral herbs.
8. Drink clean water such as spring water or distilled water.
9. Get regular hours of rest.
10. Move around regularly and PLAY.
11. Avoid things and people that continually upset you, including watching or listening to the news.
12. Put some energy and anti-stress capability into the body with energy and glandular nourishment herbs.
13. Regularly use herbs that build immunity and herbs that function as poison antidotes.
14. Avoid chemicals in the home, workplace and environment.


Comprehensive list of Toxic, Mildly Toxic and Non Toxic plants.  Great guide to
print out and have available if you should have a problem.

Mr. Yuk says keep your local poison control number handy as well as the listed national phone number 1-800-222-1222.  Always have your emergency room selected and previewed so if in case of any emergency you know where to go and what their capacity is to help you in case of an emergency.  Not all emergency rooms are equal.  Some are equiped to handle only certain types of health emergencies.  Also know where your doctor of choice may have clinical privileges.  


BloggingHerbs© :  for Information, News, What is new and re-new...and links

February 2008-  Baikal Skullcap

Recently, the internet has been humming with reports on Baikal skullcap, an herb that has been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. It is native to Russia, Mongolia, and parts of China and Korea but is no valued that it is cultivated as a commercial herbal medicine crop in many parts of the Western world. Recent research from Heidelberg suggests that the herb, which was one of the ingredients in
the once famous PC-SPES prostate formula, induces cell death of malignant cells by increasing the uptake of hydrogen peroxide, this without damaging healthy cells. The effect was attributed to one of the 26 flavonoids contained in the herb, but for the same reason, the antioxidant effect of this herb is excellent. Moreover, it is so safe
that it is not even contraindicated during pregnancy. In fact, it is said to relax the fetus.

Dr. Mercola recently published something on this in their  German research.
Meanwhile, many whom tried it have felt very calm, no dramatic reactions,  rather a slow sort of sense of detoxification.

Because of the flavonoids, the herb is highly anti-inflammatory and this is good for the arteries and hence circulation, but it is also anti-infective, especially of hepatitis B. This has been determined by reduction in antigens to the HBV over a period of ten days.

As with many popular herbs that have been in use for a long time,there are both traditional and modern uses of the herb. The traditional ones were for upper respiratory infections and dysentery as well as asthma and allergies such as hayfever and allergic eczema.

The newer applications are, of course, centered on the big killers such as cancer and heart disease and the baby boomer obsession with antiaging strategies.

Hoodia gordonii
Has been on a list of protected/endangered species since 2004 and that means that all genuine hoodia exported from South Africa needs to have a Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species in Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) permit. Unscrupulous hoodia brokers are counterfeiting these licenses in order to sell who-knows-what as 100% hoodia.  And even if the hoodia is legally obtained - and is actual hoodia - the hoodia powder is frequently cut with fillers so as to allow suppliers to sell more "hoodia." This means that there is less hoodia in the supplement than the buyer is led to believe. In the case of hoodia, less of something that doesn't do anything for you anyway. Spending your money on any weight loss supplement is a bad idea, but spending on hoodia is the worst "investment" that anyone can make.

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