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Hyper Cortisol and Adrenal Exhaustion Disseration and Solution

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Obesity and the adrenal exhaustion connection
Now, this is a really radical and unusual approach to thyroid disease! But it shouldn't be! Notice I said that he treats the adrenals of his patients. What a concept; did you know that actually, all hypothyroid women are supposed to have their adrenals tested BEFORE getting any kind of thyroid hormone? Yep! If you read the inserts which accompany thyroid medications, you will find that the contra-indication for the use of thyroid hormone is "uncorrected adrenal insufficiency." And you do NOT know if a patient has adrenal insufficiency if you do not test for it. Here are the links to the cytomel and synthroid inserts, but you will find this to be true on the insert of EVERY thyroid medication.
This should make you pretty mad. Why? Because if your adrenals have become weakened by your thyroid disease and aren't functioning well, when you are put on thyroid hormone it can cause an adrenal crisis. If the situation is very bad, it can KILL you. That's right---death. But are the doctors testing our adrenals ahead of time? No, they are not, even though it clearly states that they must do so in the Physicians Desk Reference. Every doctor who prescribes thyroid hormone without testing the patient's adrenals first is putting the patient's life at risk (in other words, almost every doctor on this planet).
Here is an article by a doctor discussing the treatment of hypothyroidism. On page 4, you will see a section entitled "Special Cases: Recent Heart Attacks and Weak Adrenal Function." The paragraph about the adrenals describes me perfectly! That is me all over and a lot of women I know. Go to the very next section on page 5 entitled "Problems in Converting T4 to the T3 Hormone." Reading that paragraph you will see that cortisol is necessary for the body to convert T4 into T3. Thus we must have our adrenals working in order to utilize the oral thyroid hormone we take.
So you see, if the body has poor thyroid function, poor adrenal function will result. And then the doctor will start to give you thyroid hormone but you won't feel better because your body simply can't use the thyroid without cortisol. You must address adrenal function. And you are supposed to address it FIRST. Yet I was on synthroid for a whole year before I got my first adrenal test. And the only reason I got the test then was because my husband went to my doctor and demanded it, not because the doctor thought of it himself. Meanwhile, by that time my adrenals were so weakened and non-functional that I was near death---all because no doctor had bothered to check them before giving me synthroid. Then the pure T4 weakened my adrenals even further so they shut down almost completely; it nearly killed me.
Are you a woman who is hypothyroid and yet any tiny amount of oral hormone gives you hyPERthyroid symptoms? When I read these articles about adrenal function and how oral thyroid taken by a hypoadrenal person can cause hyPERthyroid symptoms, I have to wonder if perhaps you need an adrenal test.
Read these next two articles and take especial note of "Table 1" in each of these articles. Notice the list of symptoms hypoadrenal people experience. See how they sound almost exactly like hypothyroid symptoms? Makes you wonder which came first, low adrenal or low thyroid….
Chicken and the egg. And you must fix both to be healthy.

If the patient is obese, in the vast majority of cases, the patient will have hyperinsulinism (Syndrome X/Metabolic Syndrome, Type IV Hyperlipoproteinemia) and
adrenal cortical hyperfunction.

Use the following products by Biotics Research
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This is an innovative new adrenal support product introduced by Biotics Research in the spring of 2005. It contains vitamin C, phosphorylated B1, B2 and B6, folic acid, B-12, pantothenic acid, a small amount of iron and copper, manganese and a proprietary blend of malic acid, adult porcine adrenal, bioflavonoids, choline, SOD, catalase, N-acetyl-cysteine, neonatal bovine pituitary/hypothalamus and adult bovine parotid. Since Biotics Research already had Cytozyme-AD and Bio-Glycozyme Forte in the line for adrenal support, why the need for an additional adrenal support product? We found that with severe adrenal cortical hypofunction we were often required to provide the patient with 10 or more tablets daily of Cytozyme-AD and after completing over 90 days of clinical testing with ADB5-Plus, we found that we could successfully support many of the severe adrenal cortical hypofunction problems (adrenal burnout) with 3-4 tablets of ADB5-Plus. As I indicated previously, in addition to the high level of porcine adrenal in ADB5-Plus, it also contains a high level of pantothentic acid, phosphorylated B1, B2 and B6 and other nutrients and glandulars known to support adrenal function.

Cytozyme-AD is still an excellent product and should be considered the mainstay of the Biotics Research line for adrenal cortical hypofunction; however, if the hypofunction is severe (more than a 10 mm drop in the systolic blood pressure from recumbent to standing, extremely low blood pressure, etc.), ADB5-Plus should be considered as primary support.

ADHS is an adrenal support supplement that contains vitamins, minerals and herbs. It contains no glandular material. The vitamins and minerals, specifically magnesium and the B vitamins, are components that are known to support adrenal function. The preliminary studies (and follow-up studies through July 2005) on ADHS indicate that it is very effective in helping to normalize cortisol production by the adrenal cortex. In many cases the before and after salivary adrenal stress indexes indicated we were able to significantly lower the cortisol and normalize DHEA. We have observed patients who have been in adrenal hyperfunction (increased cortisol production) for many years and we were not able to completely correct the problem until now. ADHS does an excellent job of correcting adrenal hyperfunction. I'll talk more about using ADHS with hyperinsulinism when we get to GlucoBalance, but I can assure you if the patient is obese, in the vast majority of cases, the patient will have hyperinsulinism (Syndrome X/Metabolic Syndrome, Type IV Hyperlipoproteinemia) and adrenal cortical hyperfunction. Care should be taken not to use too much ADHS. Initially you should start the patient at a low level and advise the patient not to take the product after 12:00 noon. Generally, I suggest the doctor start them at one tablet a day with breakfast. If they see some improvement, increase to four tablets a day, two with breakfast and two with lunch. If they are still improving; but, some of the symptoms of adrenal dysfunction are still present; think about adding Cytozyme-PT/HPT and/or Phosphatidylserine for anterior pituitary/hypothalamus dysfunction, which is probably present. With adrenal cortical hyperfunction, anterior pituitary/hypothalamus dysfunction is commonly present. The adrenal function is generally hyper due to the lack of feedback control from the pituitary. Therefore, many of the patients who benefit from ADHS will also benefit from Cytozyme-PT/HPT or Phosphatidylserine. In this case, Cytozyme-PT/HPT should be used at one to two tablets, twice a day with breakfast and lunch, or Phosphatidylserine at 1-2 capsules, 3 times a day.

As I indicated previously, ADHS is very reliable for decreasing elevated cortisol and to some degree for increasing DHEA. Supplemental DHEA is obviously effective when a need to increase DHEA is present; however, it is hormonal therapy and I believe the doctor should first attempt to increase the DHEA without using hormonal replacement. If DHEA therapy is required, the keto form (7-Keto-Zyme) is much safer than straight DHEA. According to the literature, the keto form will not transmute to estrogen or testosterone. We are now beginning to see peer-reviewed literature indicating that DHEA is probably not as safe, especially at high levels, as we were initially led to believe. ADHS appears to be one of those products that are not required for long term use. Usually after about two or three months, the need decreases significantly, most especially if the dysinsulinism (if present) is being controlled through diet, exercise and supplementation. Many of the laboratories that perform the salivary adrenal stress index, suggest the use of phosphatidylserine for helping to correct the anterior pituitary-hypothalamus-adrenal cortex problem.

Biotics Research markets Phosphatidylserine and although phosphatidylserine is effective in many cases, I can assure you that ADHS and Cytozyme PT/HPT are also effective and will often complete this task more rapidly than phosphatidylserine and at a lower cost. We have received several reports concerning the effectiveness of ADHS with depression. I believe one of the reasons that ADHS works so well is the vitamin and mineral components. The B complex component and minerals are all known to support adrenal function. You will find that when you use either Cytozyme-AD or ADHS that you will frequently need other glycemic support.

Most often Cytozyme-AD works well with Bio-Glycozyme Forte and ADHS works well with GlucoBalance. Bio-Glycozyme Forte contains the phosphorylated B complex and many of the other Kreb’s cycle nutrients known to support adrenal cortical hypofunction and reactive hypoglycemia, such as vanadium, manganese, chromium, magnesium and so forth. This combination works extremely well for the patient with reactive hypoglycemia and/or other problems where low blood pressure is present. ADHS seems to work very well with GlucoBalance and Flax Seed Oil, Optimal EFAs or Biomega-3.

For the patient who has high blood pressure, combining ADHS with Gluco-Balance and Optimal EFAs or Biomega-3 and correcting the diet to initiate weight loss and a reduction in triglycerides (low carbohydrate diet), will often resolve hypertension, if this problem is present. In either case, the B complex components of Bio-Glycozyme Forte and/or GlucoBalance are needed. Adrenal cortical hyperfunction is also a common finding with thyroid hypofunction. When excess cortisol is present it inhibits the system’s ability to convert T-4 (thyroxine) to T-3 (triiodothyronine). Therefore, if adrenal cortical hyperfunction is present and you can substantiate under conversion of T-4 to T-3 (this is often seen as a T-4 value above the middle of the lab range with the T-3 below the middle of the laboratory range), always use Meda-Stim with ADHS. Another consideration with adrenal cortical hyperfunction would be De-Stress. I’ll talk more about De-Stress later, however if insomnia, nervousness, hyperactivity or other psychological stress is present; we have not found anything that will calm the patient down faster than De-Stress.

Because of FDA regulations Biotics Research is prohibited from comparing De-Stress to a drug; however, in double bind studies performed in Europe, De-Stress performed as well or better than diazepam for anxiety (more on De-Stress later).

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