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Beating Cancer with Alternatives
Disclosure & Policy

Root cause of Cancer is Fungus.  I personally did food grade hydrogen peroxide IV treatments
whilst having fourth stage cancer.  I knew I had a bad case of candida and cleansing is the
number one protocol to embark upon to treat and or prevent. read more

Kidney/Blood Cancer...advanced staged individual gives their testimony about the
use of herbals to overcome cancer.  


This is an easy site to travel and to get information.  Now if you are planning
on alternative solutons or a combination write to us and we will help direct you
to services.


Click here: Miracle Mineral Supplement
this you must be careful with, it can strip your arteries too much.
if done carefully, it is great. Please read all the material first before
making a decision to use this.

.................................................................................................................................................... home page for below link this has some great links
you should know about


This is a note I wrote to a client on what I did to recover from fourth stage liver cancer
This is not meant to be the only treatment.  It is what I did as I was not given the chance
to live by doctors.  I was on my own.  I do not recommend you forgo traditional treatments.
This is not for everyone.  Use your best judgement.  It is your body.  Get support.
Listen and sleep on it.  Ultimately it is your rodeo.   - C. A. Schultz, NC

Please start with these two links. The home cure is vinegar. It does so much to alkalize the body that
fungus, the root cause of cancer cannot thrive in an alkaline environment. Braggs vinegar is a good brand
More things in your kitchen that heal is coumadin or curry powder.  This has anti-cancer properties.
Cayenne pepper is great for the heart and much much more home page for below link this has some great links you should know about

Treat yourself good. Lots of hot baths and aromatherapy.  Don't watch TV!!! I fasted from TV
for a year and half.  I wish I never went back to watching it.  Depressing.  Do not read the newspaper.
Believe it, your mind takes this in and subconsciously it get's to you.  Avoid negative people.
Do not talk like you own this cancer.  Don't call it "my cancer".  I told it to die, I told death to leave
and I told myself and others I do not accept cancer.  I used my mantra over and over...
God goes before me, no man no thing can be against me.  The love of God imbues me, God goes
before me no man and no thing can be against me.  IT WORKS>

Read "There are no incurable Diseases" by Richard Schulze, ND no relation this book changed
how I looked at everything.

or read Dr. Schulze mentor's book

 "Curing the Incurables"   by Dr. John Christopher

Curing the Incurables

Another great book I used was "Cancer" The Definitive Guide to Alternative Therapies"
by Goldberg

Hot and cold therapy is explained. Extreme body temps help boost immune system and kill cancer.

I did IV hydrogen peroxide (pharmaceutical grade) and an IV high quality vitamin cocktail.
I am trying to find my recipe. I found someone whom would give me the IV's
I had to do this underground as it were.  This killed all the fungus and excess yeast (candida)
in my system.

I did coffee enema's three days a week, used a high quality hydro careful
with this. Get a recommendation they should never leave the room and should open the package
with your tubes in front of you so that you know it is sanitary. Gravity equipment is best instead
of forced. Cleansing and detoxifying is important.

Instead of the Hydrogen Peroxide you might consider Pure Herbs Can-sol to get rid of candida
and the WW for worms. This is vital I carry this so that I can take it and offer to clients. Solomon Wickey
designed this protocol and is very famous Amish Herbalist.

He uses only Pure Herbs which is why I started using and carrying. I did Hoxey formula and Essiac,
the Red Clover Blend is the comparable in the Pure Herbs group. I made my own Hoxey formula
which is similar to the Blood Purifier below.

Gall Bladder/Liver Cleanse important, Schulze, Richard has a great one on his site
An olive oil drink and lemon juice.  I have to look up that recipe it also had phosphoric acid drops.
Must be careful with this and have an enema or colonic immediately after taking.
Watch out for gall stones and such, they will dissolve but if they are too big this could prove

Here are some herbs for cancer and cleansing these are all Pure Herbs and what Dr. Watkins
recommends along with many other high quality herbalists.

Extreme Fatigue
(Licorice Root, Bee Pollen, Siberian Ginseng) Strength, stamina; extreme fatigue, chronic fatigue; illness or surgery.
Energy, antibiotic, chronic fatigue
BP-W or BC-W
(Bee Pollen, Bee Propolis, Royal Jelly) Energy; antibiotic; chronic fatigue; invigorates entire system. .
Take 40 to 80 drops of BP-W or BC-W three times per day to clean the blood OR take 40 to 80 drops of
RED CLOVER BLENDED or YELLOW DOCK three times per day.
Blood Purifier (Cancerous Cells)
(Peach Leaf, Stillingia, Red Clover, Bee Pollen, Greasewood, Buckthorn, Inkberry, Prickly Ash) Blood Purifier;
cancerous cells, tumors; yeast; germs; viruses; heavy metals; chronic fatigue syndrome.
(Yellow Dock, Burdock, Greasewood, Red Clover, Dandelion Root, Barberry, Yarrow, Sarsaparilla, Gentian,
Black Cohosh) Blood Cleaner; pollution; toxicity; skin problems; blood poisoning.
Cancer, blood cleanser, tumors
Red Clover Blend, Greasewood, Buchu) Cancer; blood cleanser; tumors; lymphatic; skin disorders; kidneys.
Yellow Dock
Iron; energy; detergent; itching; cleans the liver; shingles; dilute and wet gauze for external application to area.
circulatory improvement, immune booster, anti biotic like properties
All of the above herbs can be purchased in high quality and tincture form by going here
 $40.00 4 oz

For bad cells, similar to the HoxeyFormula.  
This is one of the blends I  made when having
4th stage Liver cancer.  I trust this formulation.

I used Life Line water and their herbal preparation
I am not sure I think it is if that is not right I will look up.

I also did enzymatic therapy, enzymes are important that they eat the coating off the cancer cell exposing
it to the killer T cells to find and destroy.

Vegetarianism, ate a lot of avacado sandwiches with raw onion, garlic and brocco sprouts and ezekial bread
and lemon and such to taste better. I did whole grain rice and veggies all organic. I juiced carrots and celery
daily sometime three times a day or more. Olive oil is good, grape seed oil, coconut is good too.
I made large pots of soups and noshed when I was too tired to prepare food.
Black beans (any beans for that matter) and whole grain brown rice makes a perfect protein.
One or the other by itself is not a perfect protein.  I do not advocate tofu as it is a soy and therefore
a estrogen type plant material.  If your cancer is estrogen related one must be careful.  

Lots of Kale, onion, garlic, potato, carrot, beet, turnips (very important), juice them too, fresh and
raw is good and cooked. Broccolli, all the dark leafy greens I avoided oranges and sugary fruit.  Berries good
Braggs vinegar is a good brand, oh their Braggs amino acids and olive oil makes for a great dressing
with garlic and the like in it. Lots of flavor   Food has to taste good.

No meat, cheese, sugar, white flour and dairy with the exception of some home made yogurt.
No alcohol, no smoking nothing that is obvious.  No fast food, junk food, nothing processed or pre-prepared
No preservatives, no chemicals, all organic so that there is no pesticides.  Pure water, filter, or better

CalmPlus for calcium, magnesium is awesome

I did 10,000 mg of Vitamin C (do to bowel tolerance )divided dose and 1500IU of Vit D, All the B's

Flax, borage oils, fish oils, Multi Vitamin. Zinc by Dyno-Mins, Selenium 200mcg no more than
that very important, minerals liquid, amino acids, I found a great form in Amino Sculpt by
Health Direct, I did not use this at the time, but I have found it to be good.

germanium, I have liquid now in mineral form and a great Ultimatium. See mineral supplements on my website

Probiotics (this is in the green drink) avoid Garden of Life products
I used these they have changed formula and the probiotic caused me a problem
down the line.

Green drink is vital this is the best one I have found and I use and my entire family and clients. link here for Green Vibrance

I did acupuncture 3 x a week and massage 1 x week

 I used magnets for pain and ozone generator for my water and olive oil

I did a lot of praying and meditating to stay relaxed. I also got on as many prayer lists as I could.

Sun is good too.

This is a good start, keep in touch and keep me posted. I am here to encourage you too. You are
not alone. I did a lot of crying and punching a few pillows then I went into gratitude that God had
it all handled. When I did that things got much better. Gratitude is critical. Your greatest tragedy is
going to be your grandest triumph.

BloggingCancer : Ideas, notions and possibilities

The Complete Works of Dr. John R. Christopher
Knowledge is power, Empower yourself with one of the leading herbalists and one
that I used when I was doing the great fight myself.  Invaluable.  Take charge.

Hildegard of Bingen~ First Blood

A technique attributed to Hildegard of Bingen in which venous blood
is drawn from the arm just before the full moon. The first blood that
comes out is black and then, depending on the person and toxic load,
the blood becomes a normal color. As soon as the blood is red, they
stop drawing more. The blood is left in a jar and observed. Usually, it
becomes fungal in a few days.

This triggered an avalanche of associations in my mind, including a
recent study called to my attention by a subscriber to my lists:

In today's excerpt--from Nathan Myhrvold's Intellectual Ventures,
LLC--the idea that cancer can be detected long before a tumor is
formed. Myhrvold, one of Microsoft's pioneers, brings intellectuals
from different disciplines together to brainstorm new ideas--in this
case physicist Lowell Wood meets with a group of doctors:

" 'Lowell came in looking like the Cheshire Cat,' Myhrvold recalled.
'He said, 'I have a question for everyone. You have a tumor, and the
tumor becomes metastatic, and it sheds metastatic cancer cells.
How long do those circulate in the bloodstream before they land?'
And we all said, 'We don't know. Ten times?' 'No,' he said, 'As many
as a million times.' Isn't that amazing? If you had no time, you'd be
screwed. But it turns out that these cells are in your blood for as
long as a year before they land somewhere. What that says is that
you've got a chance to intercept them.'

"How did Wood come to this conclusion? He had run across a stray
factin a recent issue of The New England Journal of Medicine. "It was
an article that talked about, at one point, the number of cancer cells
per millilitre of blood," he said. "And I looked at that figure and
said, 'Something's wrong here. That can't possibly be true.' The
number was incredibly high. Too high. It has to be one cell in a
hundred litres, not what they were saying-one cell in a millilitre.
Yet they spoke of it so confidently. I clicked through to the
references. It was a commonplace. There really were that many

"Wood did some arithmetic. He knew that human beings have only
about five litres of blood. He knew that the heart pumps close to a
hundred millilitres of blood per beat, which means that all of our blood
circulates through our bloodstream in a matter of minutes. ... 'It
turns out that some small per cent of tumor cells are actually the
deadly ones,' he went on. 'Tumor stem cells are what really initiate
metastases. And isn't it astonishing that they have to turn over at
least ten thousand times before they can find a happy home? You
naïvely think it's once or twice or three times. Maybe five times at
most. It isn't. In other words, metastatic cancer--the brand of cancer
that kills us--is an amazingly hard thing to initiate. Which strongly
suggests that if you tip things just a little bit you essentially
turn off the process.'

"That was the idea that Wood presented to the room in St. Louis. From
there, the discussion raced ahead. Myhrvold and his inventors had
already done a lot of thinking about using tiny optical filters
capable of identifying and zapping microscopic particles. They also
knew that finding cancer cells in blood is not hard. They're often
the wrong size or the wrong shape. So what if you slid a tiny filter
into a blood vessel of a cancer patient? 'You don't have to intercept
very much of the blood for it to work,' Wood went on. 'Maybe one
ten-thousandth of it. The filter could be put in a little tiny vein
in the back of the hand, because that's all you need. Or maybe I
intercept all of the blood, but then it doesn't have to be a
particularly efficient filter.' "

Malcolm Gladwell, "In the Air," The New Yorker, May 12, 2008, pp.

Though it is a bit of a leap, I cannot think of any better reason for
periodic detoxification and use of internal blood cleansing tonics
than what is suggested by Myhrvold. Of these, our Sundance Elixir
is probably the first to consider. I am saying this partly because
hardly a day goes by when someone doesn't write me about an
escharotic salve they have been using on themselves or a pet.
People are astonished by the extent of the reactivity. I believe it is
usually as extreme as it is because no internal support was used in
preparation. I discuss this on a page called speculations:

A great herbal that is made by Pure Herbs, Solomon Wickey
fame,  of a Hoxsey-like tonic is Blood Purifier

Ingrid    of

Thank You and Blessings to you ~ Get well soon.
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