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DHEA 7 Keto the Adrenal/Thyroid connection and Weight Loss

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feeds adrenals, gives energy
overcoming the exhaustion
Helps thyroid recover by addressing the serious background issue of adrenal fatigue.  What you don't know can hurt you.  Did you know many are close to death in the sleep cycles because the hormone levels go so low that it can cause death?  The answer is feed those adrenals first before medicating your thyroid.  Push the thyroid before helping those adrenals death can occur.
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Now letís move on to the adrenal issue. This is vitally important to thyroid patients for 2 big reasons.
First of all, the job of the adrenal gland is to produce adrenal hormones. One of these hormones is cortisol. This is the hormone your body demands when it is faced with any kind of stress. Stress does not just mean having your dog die or flunking a test. Stress is as simple as going outside on a hot (or cold) day, or eating lunch. Menstruation is a stress to the body. The adrenal gland reacts the same way when you eat lunch as when your dog dies. Itís all the same to your adrenals.

Another thing produced by the adrenals is DHEA. DHEA is a hormone precursor; in a healthy body it is converted into the sex hormones (testosterone, progesterone, estrogen, etc). DHEA is absolutely vital to our health. Here is a very brief link about DHEA (this isnít my best one since it talks only about sexual and mental health, but itís something! Iíll get the others set up later). DHEA is important to prevent Alzheimerís, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, skin problems, and about a million other things. Testosterone, as you may know, is what gives us our sex drive. Men have tons more testosterone than women (which is the main reason why their minds always seem to be in the gutter!). Where does testosterone come from? It is made by the body from DHEA. DHEA is made by the adrenals and is turned into all the sex hormones (estrogen, progesterone, etc). So, are you suffering from no sex drive? You probably have low testosterone which means you probably have low DHEA and why would you have low DHEA? If your adrenals arenít working well. If you are a lactating hypothyroid woman (but arenít pregnant or nursing a baby), you probably need DHEA because DHEA turns into testosterone. If you have had your prolactin measured and the test came back normal but you lactate anyway, you may very well be deficient in testosterone. In order to not lactate, the ratio between testosterone and prolactin must be correct. If you have "normal" prolactin but very low testosterone, it is just like having high prolactin.,1560,AR_955,00.html
Decreased libido, galactorrhea, obesity, increase in abdominal fat, pubic hair loss, decreased muscle mass and strength, clitoral atrophy, increased risk of breast cancer, lack of motivation, premature ovarian failure, osteoporosis, decreased memory, increased risk of Alzheimerís, increased risk of diabetes, decreased feeling of well-being, depression, and fatigue are more symptoms of low testosterone. Read through these links and see if you recognize yourself there.
In this article, a chemist has found that testosterone can protect against Lupus.

Here is another article with some really great information about testosterone. Take note of where the author says that both free and bound testosterone are the components of total serum testosterone (TST). Free testosterone is what your body can use. Bound testosterone cannot be used until it is unbound. So you see, your TST might be a nice healthy number, and yet you may have all the signs of low testosterone because all of your testosterone is bound. What binds it? Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG). If you have too much SHBG, it can bind up all your sex hormones so you cannot use them.

Another possibility is that you are making DHEA but that your body simply isnít converting it into the various sex hormones.
Here is an article on galactorrhea (chronic lactation): This study may be of little interest to you unless you are lactating for no reason (or if you are a dairy farmer!). This is a study done on cows showing that changes in their deiodinase activity plays a role in their lactation. My husband found this study as he researched lactation because the one thyroid problem I have that has not gone away is lactation. I weaned my last baby in Nov í98 and STILL lactate! Hasnít ever stopped in all that time (but I least I feel great!). So weíre still researching this one. If it turns out that changes in your deiodinase activity affects lactation that sure would explain whatís going on in a lot of us hypo women!

And here is a natural remedy to stop lactation.
 Notice in the link above that it took up to 4 months for the patients to see results (,1560,AR_955,00.html). Also, you do not want to take too much. My doctor has me take 25 mg daily Monday through Friday with a break on the weekends (the dose for men is 50 mg daily). If you start taking DHEA and notice that you are getting acne like a teenager, you donít need that much. Quit taking it altogether until the acne clears up and then you can try taking a half-dose 3 days/week instead. If the acne comes back, your DHEA levels are probably just fine. Iím not getting any acne at all on my dose, but I am not surprised considering that I had a lab test showing that my adrenals donít work (and by the way, if DHEA gives you acne, that does not mean your cortisol levels are OK).

Here is another article that concerns osteoporosis, but on page 4 you will see a discussion of DHEA and the role it plays in bone density.

Now, the first reason why hypothyroid women should be concerned about their adrenals is that the adrenal gland is highly dependent upon thyroid hormone. It cannot function properly if you become hypothyroid. I have a study (Iíve got to find it again) which shows that almost 100% of women with thyroid disease are deficient in DHEA. Yep, thatís right! If youíve got thyroid disease, you are probably facing an adrenal insufficiency. This is especially true if you were hypothyroid for a long time and denied treatment (I was denied treatment for more than 5 years). Also, if you spend years on incomplete thyroid therapy (such as the synthetic thyroid hormones), you are more likely to have weak adrenals. The adrenals just canít do their job if theyíre getting only T4.

And the thyroid gland cannot do its job without the adrenals. I have a great article discussing this: Peatfield_Suggest.htm (if you print nothing else, print this article). The amazing Dr. Barry Durrant-Peatfield of Great Britain has found repeatedly that if a woman on thyroid therapy continues to exhibit symptoms, if he treats her adrenals, her symptoms go away. Without the adrenal hormones, the body cannot use the thyroid hormones. Treatment of the adrenals results in the thyroid hormone finally making it into the cells and tissues. This usually results in the patient being able to lower her thyroid medication. In addition, over time the adrenal support will help heal the damaged cell receptor sites so that thyroid hormone can pass into the cell to the mitochondria again. In other words, proper adrenal support means the difference between a life of good health and a life full of nagging, miserable, painful hypo symptoms.

Now, this is a really radical and unusual approach to thyroid disease! But it shouldnít be! Notice I said that he treats the adrenals of his patients. What a concept; did you know that actually, all hypothyroid women are supposed to have their adrenals tested BEFORE getting any kind of thyroid hormone? Yep! If you read the inserts which accompany thyroid medications, you will find that the contra-indication for the use of thyroid hormone is "uncorrected adrenal insufficiency." And you do NOT know if a patient has adrenal insufficiency if you do not test for it. Here are the links to the cytomel and synthroid inserts, but you will find this to be true on the insert of EVERY thyroid medication.

This should make you pretty mad. Why? Because if your adrenals have become weakened by your thyroid disease and arenít functioning well, when you are put on thyroid hormone it can cause an adrenal crisis. If the situation is very bad, it can KILL you. Thatís right---death. But are the doctors testing our adrenals ahead of time? No, they are not, even though it clearly states that they must do so in the Physicians Desk Reference. Every doctor who prescribes thyroid hormone without testing the patientís adrenals first is putting the patientís life at risk (in other words, almost every doctor on this planet).

Here is an article by a doctor discussing the treatment of hypothyroidism. On page 4, you will see a section entitled "Special Cases: Recent Heart Attacks and Weak Adrenal Function." The paragraph about the adrenals describes me perfectly! That is me all over and a lot of women I know. Go to the very next section on page 5 entitled "Problems in Converting T4 to the T3 Hormone." Reading that paragraph you will see that cortisol is necessary for the body to convert T4 into T3. Thus we must have our adrenals working in order to utilize the oral thyroid hormone we take.

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