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Do Not Use Primal  Defense

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Hi Adelle,
I've been communicating and coming across more and
more ND's and candida experts that are warning against
Jordan Ruben's Primal Defense. I tried his products
for an extended time (switching from some of the
products I got from Keith Block). I never obtained
any positive results, GI or otherwise, and when the
lung issues began to progress, I wondered if the
primal defense and the HSO's had anything to do with

Eventually, I brushed it off as being coincidental, but
continued to wonder if ingesting dirt organisms was risky.
Then last year when the culture indicated that there was a
"mold" present that comes from the soil...I became very
suspicious of the HSO's I had been taking. I can't prove it
for certain......unless I can find someone to test the
supplement and compare it to my culture. I will never
take them again!

Here is one of the many warnings I've found.

Subject: Primal Defense, HSO probiotics: a warning I
Username: robinbobbin
Date: 5/21/2004 3:27:30 PM ( 3 year ago )
Hits: message viewed 4298 times

Along with a book I ordered called "The IBD Remission
Diet" by Jini Patel Thompson, came a page inserted
later by the author that essentially withdrew her
prior recommendation of Primal Defense. Horrified, I
searched the Internet and could only find glowing
testimonials (most of which eventually stemmed from
the Garden of Life company's own marketing.) I could
find nothing from a scientific or unbiased source. The
inserted warning is frightening. Here it is:

"On Page 108 of the IBD remission diet, I suggest that
readers may want to try a product called Primal
Defense after they've been completely healed for 3-5
months. I learned of this product from numerous
readers who wrote in to let me know how well it's
worked for them. Since I couldn't try the product
myself (I've been pregnant or breastfeeding for four
years and counting,) I questioned numerous respected
naturopaths, microbiology professors and
gastroenterologists for their opinion on the product
and all said it looked fine.

However, since meeting the founder and president of
Natren Inc. (top quality pro-biotic manufacturer,)
Natasha Trenev, I must change my opinion of bacterial
soil organisms. Natasha is a world renowned expert on
microorganisms and maintains one of the largest
research libraries on that topic in the world. She has
sent me an entire CD ROM of articles, research and
clinical data and other scientific studies, (most done
outside of North America,) outlining why it is not
safe to consume bacterial soil organisms (like those
contained in Primal Defense and numerous other

To summarize the research briefly, soil organisms (SO)
are spore formers, so they make make good competitors
for yeast, fungus and other pathogens. This is why so
many people taking soil organisms will initially
experience very favorable results. However these
spores are are extremely difficult to kill, surviving
sterilants, disinfectants, acceleration forces, heat,
pressure, radiation and many antibiotics. Strong
antibiotics -- like Vancomycin -- can suppress certain
spores. Spores are so persistent in the intestines
that another round of germination may occur after the
the drug is stopped. Soil organisms can also adapt
loose genetic material and incorporate it into their
cellular structure - the ramifications of which are
yet unknown. Various soil organisms can also produce
harmful peptides, affecting hemoglobin in the blood.
It's important to keep in mind that virtually all
antibiotic drugs were were initially developed from
soil organisms and as antibiotics become more potent,
they cause more damage to the host, not just in the
immediate gut environment, but systematically as well.

In the EU (European Union) the use of soil organisms
in animal feed is being stringently controlled and
questioned at this time. There are simply too many
questions and unknowns to sanction the use of soil
organisms for human consumption and one can certainly
cannot qualify them as safe at this time.

I'm very sorry for any confusion this may have caused
you. To be honest, this is the very first time I've
recommended a product that I've not tried and tested
exclusively myself -- I admit I was swayed by so many
good recommendations from readers. Rest assured that I
will not do so again!

My sincerest apologies,
Jini Patel Thompson
July 2003"

February 2008

Client Andrea used Garden of Life products and started
following Ruben's book and recommendations.

She did this to improve health and to stay healthy.
One thing she did not have a problem with was elimination.
She was regular and like clock work.

After using Garden of Life products and his system she
could not eliminate for over two weeks.  She came to me
for help.  I got her regulated and she is now doing very well.

Another example of why you should not take these inferior products.

C. Adelle Schultz, NC, CMT, MH

Nutritional Consultant, Certified Massage Therapist,
Master Herbalist, Reiki Master Level no longer used

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