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Inflammation and why you should have a C Reactive Protein Test

C Reactive Protein Test and the Inflammatory State

Chronic inflammation is the root cause of heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis, Alzheimer's, autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and psoriasis, and many other immune disorders, the medical community
is just now starting to recognize this fact.  This wisdom and understanding has been around for centuries in
the Eastern cultures, but the drug culture prevailed here in the US.
What is chronic inflammation?
The body needs just enough inflammation - but not too much - to conduct the natural regeneration of cells and stave off  infection and disease.

 Too much inflammation is considered acute, and causes erosions in the overall system. Perpetually inflamed
is the underpinings for disease and eroding your overall body.  Like salt water eating away at the ships hull.   Inflammation that is chronic and systemicis what we're seeing more and more patients.

Chronic inflammation upsets the bodies ability to talk to itself properly.  Like a party telephone line and
no-one can understand the other if all are talking at the same time.  A ripple effect occurs and soon the
body starts to break down.  The fight or flight mechanism is now putting out constant signals.  The body
does not stop and get a break from this wash of negative chemicals that under the right circumstances
is good but in over drive slowly kills.

* recently it has been found that Lipitor and others like these DO NOT prevent heart attack and stroke as they claim. It is now under investigation, but since the FDA and the Pharmaceutical companies are in bed together it is unlikely that anything will be done from that angle. It is going to take and individual to file a class action lawsuit over the health hazards these drugs have inflicted and with the blessings of the FDA as a necessary evil.

Drug treatments address symptoms not root as soon as you stop taking their drugs your problem
is right back and then some due to the other negative side effects of the drugs that have been accepted as
acceptable to treat the one thing you addressing.  This trade off is unacceptable and not a treatment.

Currently there is no direct test for inflammation - the best that conventional medicine can do is measure CRP (c reactive protein (a pro-inflammatory marker in the blood) and the irritating blood acid called homocysteine. I use the ultra-sensitive CRP test now available at most labs. Anything above 1 mg/Dl with this test is too high in my book. With the older tests a reading of between 2-5 mg/Dl was considered normal. If you've been tested, be sure to ask your doctor for the results.

Homocysteine's  and triglycerides
Elevated CRP and cholesterol increase your risk of heart disease threefold. Homocysteine levels are high other symptoms will point to inflammation. Anti-inflammation diet, essential fatty acids and a daily exercise regime. will bring down tryglycerides  by 200 points,  skin will clear and mood will be much better. Cholesterol will go  down too.

We all have some degree of inflammation present at all times - it is, after all a natural part of our immune system. Understand how quickly our actions either fuel or cool the system, begin to make better choices.  Setting up for problems with age, increasing rates of allergies, obesity, IBS and chronic pain is prevelent. Inflammation, it's becoming the norm, not the exception. How did this happen? To get a clear picture, we need to understand where inflammation gets started.

Chronic inflammation  and digestion
I am convinced that the seeds of chronic inflammation start with the intestinal tract. Most of the body's immune system is in the gastrointestinal tract - Intestinal bloating, frequent bouts of diarrhea or constipation, gas and pain, and heartburn and acid reflux are early signs of an inflamed digestive tract. Your immune system in your digestive tract is the first to feel the stressyou are suppose to eliminate viruses and bacteria in your food before they infect your body. Taking your nutrition from the food you eat and ridding your body of the debris and toxins.

 The modern diet has the wrong ratio of essential fatty acids (omega 3, 6, and 9), too much sugar and carbs, and high levels of wheat, dairy and other common allergens.

Bad fats like polyunsaturated oils like corn, safflower, peanut and soy, are high in linoleic acid, an omega-6 essential fatty acid that the body converts into the inflammatory compound arachidonic acid. These same oils contain almost no omega 3's (found in fresh, cold water fish and shellfish) or omega 9's (found in olive oil) which calm inflammation. The balance between these short chain and long chain fatty acids is currently our primary issue and why we are seeing an epidemic of hypothyroidism.  The subclinical hypothyroidism (meaning it will not show up on a standard blood test) is completely avoidable.  A simple home test can determine if this is your issue.  Now one of the crimes concerning thyroid treatments in conventional medicine, is that if in fact your thyroid is sluggish, and that it shows up on their tests they will immediately treat the thyroid with one course of drugs such as synthroid, ignoring the fact that you can cause heart attacks and more by not addressing the underlying condition of adrenal exhaustion.  In the subclinical state treating the adrenals with something as simple as licorice root and gentian can turn the sluggish thyroid around and not cause more serious damage that treating the thyroid alone will cause.  In an extreme case it can even cause death.  This is very important to be wary of when approaching the treatment of any thyroid condition.  If one does need help with a perscription the more conducive treatment is Armour vs synthetics.  Which face it, look how the medical community has back peddled when it has come to synthetic hormone replacement therapies or using horse (we are not horses) urine derived hormones.  That will be another article...natural or bi-identical hormone replacement therapies.

You need to find out what your best carb to protein portions should be, to ideally deal with this inflammatory
condition.  Bodytyping is important.  We are all built differently, yet the same.  Find out your ratio's you will
not only loose weight but you will provide yourself with a body as you age that will perform and not breakdown.

High glycemic values increase  insulin levels and put the strain on the entire system. (The "glycemic index" measures the immediate impact of a food on blood sugar levels; surges of blood sugar trigger the release of insulin. Ask for our free eBook ) Hormones become imbalanced when insulin levels are high; high insulin levels activate enzymes that raise levels of arachidonic acid in our blood. You will see gout and other inflammatory responses as a result.  Heart attack and stroke are the more severe results.

Type 2 diabetes relate to this mechanism.  Foods high in trans fats create LDL or bad cholesterol, which feeds inflammation in the arteries. Bad Fat also create free radicals that damage healthy cells and trigger inflammation.

So the first step pay attention to your diet, in particular your glycemic load, portion size, foods such as organic vegetables and Probiotics a “good” bacteria that support healthy digestion, are effective in treating symptoms of IBS better than medications like Zelnorm and Lotronex and none of the bad side effects.

Food sensitivity, do an elimination diet, record and watch how foods react.  You are not noticing the symptoms because you have not isolated these offenders.  You are allergice to something if it causes your heart rate to go up.  This is an effective tool to see what is causing you trouble.  Don't eat one item for two weeks, this clears it from your system.  Then take your pulse before you eat it, then after.  If your pulse goes way up you can count on the fact that you are reacting negatively to this substance.  You will find avoiding certain foods restores more than your digestive health.  

Changing levels of estrogen have a supporting role to play in age-related inflammation. Age related diseases such as osteoporosis and other degenerative diseases are greatly impacted by these glycemic foods and how we suppress or dominate the body.  For example our culture is seeing an estrogen dominace problem stemming from poorly raised meats.   These poor animals, mistreated and shot up with anti biotics and hormones are being
put into our bodies, our children and causing a host of problems including our children experiencing abnormal early puberty and drug resistent virus and bacteria due to the anti-biotics.

 The hormonal changes leading up to menopause also contribute to weight gain. Extra fat cells, especially around the middle of the body, add to systemic inflammation by creating extra cytoskines and C-reactive protein. Just one more reason to try and lose those extra pounds!

Nutrition:  Adding the right supplements to your diet and eating foods rich in phytonutrients  provide a valuable solution.

Exercise, is good medicine. Exercise lowers CRP, regulates insulin levels and creates muscle, it also drives
valuable minerals into the bone that the sedentary life style does not and restores bone structure.  Your frame is your blood manufacturing tool.  Loss of bone has a ripple effect.  Exercise keeps muscles toned for weight loss and maintenance, it also releases good hormones, relieves stress, pushes the diaphram to push the lower lungs up and expel bad air and take in air deeper into the lungs oxygenating the system.  Cancer and other diseases do not live in an oxygenated environment.  The exercise mind set has been well touted so just get out there and walk.

Eviromental Toxins
When I walk into mall's or any type of  store, I can get a numbing headache, my eyes swell and my throat felt dry and tight - typical signs of inflammation. I noticed an odor and know what it is.  

Synthetic fibers, latex, glues, adhesives, plastics, air fresheners, cleaning products - these are just some of the many chemicals we get exposed to everyday. We work in hermetically sealed office buildings with re-circulated air. Off gassing of carpets, paints on the walls, products and perfumes we are bombarded with chemical scents that are literal particles going into the nose and into the brain.  You literally taste all this with
your brain then into the blood system and the inflammatory reaction begins.  See essential oils for a positive way of enhancing the smell of your homes vs toxic air freshners and sickening candles

Pesticides, pollution and heavy metals. Lead and mercury are just two of the 30 heavy metals in our environment. These toxins are in everything: our drinking water, our food, even our breast milk. These chemicals accumulate in our bodies until they reach toxic levels. Chemical sensitivity is just the most visible end of the spectrum.  Metal detoxification is imperative and given the crime against our children through mercury and aluminum in our vaccines no wonder the results is in Autism and Aspergers syndrome and ADD is so high

Add a high-quality daily multivitamin: Vitamin E lowers levels of CRP in the blood. Vitamin D also has an anti-inflammatory effect. Vitamins C and the B vitamins are powerful agents against free radicals. Supplementing your diet with a good multi-vitamin insures you get the right level of nutrients when your body needs them most.
Eat lots of fruits, vegetables and wild fish.   When your life style does not allow for healthy choices turn
to the high potency green powder's such as Green Vibrance.  This particular one is of the highest quality I have found.

Other supplements are available for joint inflammation like glucosamine, sulfur (MSM), and chondroitin.
Examine your surroundings and make them as “green” as possible. Use natural cleaning products and detergents.  Test your air and water and, if necessary, get high-quality filters. Bring in lots of houseplants to help filter air. If you work in a sick building, you have the right to object. OSHA has a toll-free number for inquiries: 1-800-321-6742 or go to their website

Get plenty of rest,You need to sleep between seven and nine hours a night to give your body enough of time to heal from the previous days demands.  Investigate alternative therapies such as massage and reiki to deal with pain and stress management.  Many people have found significant pain relief through acupuncture, massage, water therapy and other mind-body treatments.

Hot Stone Massage moves the fluids in the lymphatic system in a deeply therapeutic way and removes
the lactic acid overload in the muscle tissue, let alone the deeply relaxing effect. Combined with the
energy work of Reiki it is a very complete healing protocol and is highly recommended and is widely
used in progressive hospitals.

The reward of a good life is being thoughtful and proactive.  Blessings are more valuable than seeking miracles after you have gone down a path that is self destructive.  When disease hits one can trace back your steps to lack of diligence and good choices.  Just remember the choices you make have brought you to where you are now, good or bad.

To your health, Cynthia Adelle Schultz, NC

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