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Dehydration role in disease

Una De Gato 4 ounce
4Una de Gato   $40.00

Although it is not scientifically accepted, people there use it to get rid of their arthritis,
including the type we call rheumatoid arthritis, where the body is actually fighting itself.
Una de Gato is also, especially, noted for its anti-viral properties, tumor dissolving properties, its effects on cellular regeneration and cardiovascular repair.

As in all jungle areas, one of the things, which must be guarded against is infection. Una de Gato is a potent immune system builder. This is especially important in conditions described as
rheumatoid arthritis and/or osteoarthritis, where the body
is attacking itself, commonly
called autoimmune reactions. Una de Gato reestablishes the proper immune system orientation for cells that are "true friends" and those that
are the actual foes.  read more
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WATER CONSUMPTION ~ Rule of thumb:

divide your body weight by 8
that is the ideal number of 8 oz glasses of water to drink per day
example: a person weighing 160 lbs divided by 8; equals 20 glasses of water they should be drinking a day
water should be taken at room temperature and
should be drunk slowly throughout the day.
With water so plentiful around us, with the exception of Texas (please pray for rain), usually people question only the quality of water. Today we are going to look at the quantity of water you drink.

Why, you say, would understanding water like this be of any importance to me?
After all, I get all the water I need when I drink Coke and coffee -- besides, the tap water is so bad for you that itís better to drink your water in other forms -- sodas and beer. That statement is for the extreme...I know a lot of my clients know that is not the way to hydrate. You would be surprised though as to how many think this suffices.

In this article you are going to read why changing your water consumption habits will give you astounding health benefits -- health benefits which you may not believe, at first. Whether you believe them or not, prove
to yourself if what is written here is true for you!

But, youíll soon see that water can do far more for you than you ever realized.
Heal your body, even your brain, and Drink More Of It!
Do not drink two gallons the first day, but start with some quantity higher than you currently drink,
and gradually increase. Sipping throughout the day. Do not drink down large amounts in one sitting.

Read on!
Sipping Water holds a world of wonder and miracles. Donít reject the miracles just because they seem so simple. Sometimes great things come in simple forms!

The Water Cure:
A study done by an Iranian Doctor that was a political prisoner for several years and while in prison tried to assist people there with their ailments. One man doubled over with extreme pain in the abdomen. Turned out he had a history of extreme case of ulcers. All the good Doctor had was water to give him. He held this man on the floor, while giving him sips of water every few minutes. This went on for quite a while, most of the day as I recall. Gradually the ailing man sat up and asked what happened? He had never been able to overcome such a bout without medication. The Doctor himself was amazed. WATER had healed this man of severe ulcers.
This now triggered an intense desire to see what else water could heal. He was amazed that while he was there and administered water to the deathly ill they would recover. Later as he was told he was being released he asked if he could stay in prison. He had a captive trial group that he could closely monitor and continue his experiments with the use of water to heal.

Everything from severe arthritis to cancer was overcome using just water. He wrote a book called "The Water Cure". Proving that most sickly people are severely dehydrated. Now you say I drink lots of water....administering it in small quantities seems to be the trick. We tend to gulp large amounts to get it down and complete the task. Sipping through out the day is the key.

Later down the line we will look at the types of water available. Bottled vs tap, distilled vs filtered. Types of filters etc.

Read an incredible issue we now face....drugs in our water.  There is only one way to remove them

Have a lovely day and remember sip more water.

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