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Smith Wigglesworth Sermons Free

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Smith Wigglesworth Biography

Smith was led to Jesus at the age of 8 by his Nanna, yet he was 48 before he would be bapitsed in the Holy Spirit.

Smith was not afraid of hard work, he was a plumber and in his yourth worked in the mill with his father and then found
work in  Liverpool,  England.

In his teens, Smith attended tent meetings held by William Booth, founder of The Salvation Army.  Smith was impressed
by the zeal to win people to Jesus, this was something that would run him the rest of his life.  Smith was a true Yorkshireman and
was know to be abrupt which would lead others to misunderstand him as being rude.  He had no time for the shallowness of people
and was only interested in the heart of a person.

He had a revelation of the healing power of Jesus, that he considered every illness as a tactic of the devil, so he would treat illness
in the same manner as though it was the devil standing in front of him rather than the illness.  If someone came up to him for healing he was known to punch them at the spot where the illness resided rather than gently lay hands on them.  His faith in God, his own revelation of what the origins of sickness were that enabled his Faith in God to heal these people.  To Smith, God wanted to heal His people as much as they wanted to be healed.

Smiths compassion was well known as was his  emboldened attitude to preach, and it was written that when on board a train would stand up and begin preaching in front of the passengers.  Saying, “Listen to this”….reading scripture and then explaining it.  
There were some who wept and he went and laid hands on others.  Never caring what people said about him.

His faith in God inspired and his desire for the people to know God gave him rise to speak whenever possible.  Saying, “If I have the gift of healing, the evidence is in the manifestation.  It's not what I claim, it's what God does”.  He was so devout, when Lester Summerall came to his home, he had a newspaper under his arm, and Smith knocked it out and onto the ground, saying we do not allow anything else in this house but the word of God.

His healings and deliverances were world reknowned.  His wife stated that if Smith really was hearing from God, he should heal him of his bad stutter.  Which of course God did so.  She believed then.  He also was known for raising the dead.  In his usual gruff manner grabbing the corpse that had been dead for three days and slamming it saying “I call life into you, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazereth, get up!”  Doing this three times slamming this poor corpse around.  Until, the man stood and coughed and walked out.

Smith later would have the occasion to do the same for his dear wife.  Which, when brought back to life, would complain, “WHY did you do that?! I was with the Lord! Next time do not revive ME!  So here are the sermons of Smith Wigglesworth.  I hope they inspire you and help you on your way to discovering what the Christ Jesus desires of you. How you can walk with the Lord and have all the promises he has given in his Holy Word.

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