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Water Prayer
Such is the power of human consciousness.
Consciousness of each of us changes the world
Buy Dr. Emoto's book on this phenomena that he
beautifully proves and illustrates.

We will decribe several ways to send Love and Thanks to water for your information. You can follow some of them. Or you can develop your own unique ways.

Let us tell water our Love and Thanks
Put a glass of water on a table in your kitchen, dining room or private room. Tell the water "I love you" and "Thank you", gently. At the same time, briefly visualize that all the water on Earth is connected with each other. You can do this with your children, family members and friends. Your Love and Thanks will be sent out to all the water on Earth through the water in the glass.

How about imagining the following when you are touching the water coming from the faucet while doing the dishes, washing rice before cooking, or washing your clothes? The vibration of your Love and Thanks is overflowing from your heart through your chest, shoulders, and arms, and going through your palms that are touching the water into the water going out into a drain pipe. Your vibration will go through the flow of water very easily into the drain, into the nearby rivers and finally enter the ocean. The vapor from the ocean will build clouds and then the water will fall down as rains onto various parts of the world. In this way, the vibration of Love and Thanks that has originated from your heart will be transmitted to all over the world through the water network. This is a very easy way, and you can do this every day and every time you use water.

An easier way will be just to tell gently "I love you" and "Thank you" to the water that is flowing out into a drain pipe after it has finished its role. This will surely change the vibration of the water.

It is also very effective to put a "Thank you" sticker to the surface of the faucet. Every time you turn the faucet, it will remind you of the importance to express your gratitude to water.

Or, if you want to do it a little bigger, then you can have a gathering around a pond, a lake, a river or along seashore. Then make a circle, holding hands, and say the same thing as above or more. Remember that the power of prayer is proportionate to the square of the number of people. You can add to this ceremony your own prayers that express your Love and Thanks toward water or Planet Earth.

As the vibration of your Love and Thanks flows from your heart, you may feel your chest getting warmer and warmer. This will be the result of the Law of the Universe "What you give, you will receive".
Add visualization to our Love and Thanks
Let us visualize that the vibration of Love and Thanks is transmitting into water as golden/silver light. The whole water of the world is sparkling beautifully. Finally, the whole planet is shining so brilliantly. When filled with the highest vibration of light, everything is healed and harmonized. Let us visualize that the faces of all the people on Earth are filled with a smile.
Send Love and Thanks to water in some special areas

How about sending our Love and Thanks to the Jordan River, especially at this moment of time (see photo on the right). Along the river, many Israeli and Palestinian people are living. Our prayer of Love and Thanks will raise the vibration of water there. There is no border in the path of flowing water. People on both sides certainly drink the water originating from this river, and their bodies will be filled with the vibration of Love and Thanks that we have been sending. Then, those who have been involved in the war or terrorism will become aware of what they are doing, "Why don't we just abandon weapons and live a peaceful life here together?"

There may be some areas other than the Jordan River where wars and conflicts are still continuing such as the United States and Iraq, India and Pakistan, Afghanistan, nations in Africa and so on. Let us send our Love and Thanks to the water where people are suffering from pain and sorrow. It will change into healing water, and everything and everybody will be filled with a vibration of Love and Harmony.

Those who are participating in war and those who are suffering from war are both ourselves. For all the consciousnesses are connected into one. And it is said that water is a mirror to reflect our own consciousness.

Peace begins from the hearts of each and every one of us. Let us fill up our hearts with the vibration of Love and Thanks. Then visualize that the vibration is overflowing like an unlimited fountain, reaching every part of the globe and healing the whole world.
Effects of our consciousness on water
Our consciousness definitely influences upon water. Especially when we concentrate our consciousness with the same intention, it will have a tremendous power. It is like a laser beam that can reach the surface of the moon.
In the summer of 1999, hundreds of people gathered along the lakeshore of the Lake Biwa, located at the central part of Japan, and prayed for the peace and harmony of universe. After one month, a local newspaper reported that only that summer, there were no complaints from local residents about the foul odor resulting from extraordinary growth of a foreign alga, which they had been experiencing every summer for years.

 Masaru Emoto
In The Miracle of Water, Dr. Emoto demonstrates how water's unique role in transporting the natural vibration of these words can help you welcome change and live a more positive and happy life. Dr. Emoto also explores the sig-nificance of words and language, their origins,and their impact on water. He introduces and explains the key concept of resonance - the vehicle through which life-force energy is transmitted. From this knowledge, he draws out lessons that we can apply to our lives to reap the benefits of positive resonance, including more harmonious relationships, restored health, and improved communications. This thoughtful book includes new and extraordinary water-crystal photographs that provide   convincing reasons for all of us to choose positive words and strive for perfect resonance for a more healthy, peaceful, and happy life

If you find this article interesting Read the Isaiah Effect as well

Notes from the Life Coach
   I was praying this am and trying to reconnect to how all the miracles I have been so privileged to witness occurred. I recently had the
pleasure of having a new client come to me, a sweet and darling woman. I was telling her how my life changed when The Lord gave
me my mantra. A mantra is a statement that is repeated over and over...

    Mine is:
" God goes before me no man, no thing can be against me. The grace of God surrounds me and the love of God imbues me
and repeat the first part."

    I was thinking about this again and again. What is this, that it works? I know that we are counted worthy by faith. A knowing. I had that knowing and to such a degree if I did not get the results I prayed for it would surprise me. So, sometimes especially when you are in an environment of unbelief by those around you it is difficult to maintain. Their lack of belief and faith can stifle your prayers, couple this with not having two or more gathered so shall it be to accompany this process can nulify your efforts.  Gather together, or if not, still though alone pray and declare your authority and right and priveladge to have a heavenly Father Abba God.

    So, this morning I was hoping to find something to give me another boost and to also offer my new client the word that will help this beloved one as to why this works....

    Here it is...Hebrews 11 read the whole starts in more specifically at about verse 5.   I hope you find this helpful in your walk. We are in troubling times. Now more than ever we need this reminder to stay the course. This will show you why those of old got their miracles and their protection and provision.  With love and blessings ,  Adelle

Create Your Own
 Eco-Prayer Pod  ©  2005
Oceans, rivers, ditches, pools, water in your tub, drinking water before you put it to your lips or your families.  Put it in a pitcher and have your family pray over it first before drinking.  Pray over the bee's.  PRAYER WORKS  Calling all Enviromental Spiritual Prayer Warriors  Our water needs you, our planet needs you.

This is the only way as I see to combat what is happening around the world.  Get together in groups, children too.  The childs prayer is "always" heard first as is a mothers.  Your thoughts and words have effect.  We are 80 percent water.  Think about it.  You are killing yourselves and others if you are not careful.

The oceans are polluted. The fish off the Santa Monica Bay are filled with mercury poisoning. We confront fast food restaurants and ice cream parlors on every corner. Needless to say, the food is dead and not good for our bodies.   Red algae are blooming and killing dolphins and marine life at an alarming rate. This is caused by global warming of the oceans.  We must take action now.  The scientists hands are tied.

Ours hands may be tied, but our mouths are not!!!!

Go to your nearest body of water, river even a swimming pool and focus.  Put your intent to sending love to the water. This is spoken to wonderfully in "What the Bleep do I Know".   Be an enviromental spiritual prayer warrior.

 Prayer warriors needed for the earth NOW

Dr. Emoto's lecture this morning also consisted of relating the philosophy, principles and lifestyle of Hado. The essence of the philosophy of Hado is that water holds the potential to create peace on earth. Dr. Emoto and many of his readers believe by holding the intention of peace towards water - by thinking, speaking and acting with the intention of peace toward water - water can and will bring peace to our bodies and to the world. Dr. Emoto spoke as he used the visual aid of a slide presentation featuring 500 slides, which are presented to the students upon graduation. Dr. Emoto's lecture spoke about the fundamental principle of Hado, which is that Love & Thanks is the vibration of true healing. That vibration is life. Dr. Emoto spoke about the law of vibration, which has several basic principles.

Those principles are "'Resonance' everything stems relative to the theory of resonance; 'Purity' the effectiveness of energy is determined by its purity; 'Law of Similarity' the science of the 12 notes of the piano. The purpose of human beings is to be the conductor to all things and to the universe, 'Shape' the meaning that is represented in the hexagonal crystal formation. The relationship between different shapes and forms (i.e. pyramid shaped crystal form vs. a cube shaped form)."

The next presenter was Dr. Yasuyuki Nemoto who spoke about the "Project of Love and Thanks to Water" and also lectured on "Pranic Healing." For more about the "Project of Love and Thanks to Water,"

please visit the web site address:  You should buy his book, inspiring.

The purpose of the "Project of Love and Thanks to Water," is to have a global event, a "World Day of Love & Thanks to Water." "We have a vision that on this day, our Earth will be filled with beautiful golden/silver light of Love and Thanks that is flowing from the hearts of each and every one of us. Golden/silver light is the highest vibration in the range of visible light, and it will heal and cleanse all the water on earth, be it water of the ocean or that of our own body."

Don't just do this for that day, do it every day, every chance you get.
We are in a crisis that needs to be addressed

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