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Can Sol Pure Herbs - Candida Treatment

4CAN 4 ounce $40.00
Capsules available

Candidiasis is an infection caused by strains of the yeast, Candida, the most common being Candida Albicans . Candida is normally present in the digestive tract and the vagina. During certain favorable conditions such as warm, humid weather or when an individual's immune system is impaired, the yeast can infect the skin. Mucous membranes in the mouth and vagina are commonly infected. In rare instances, Candida can invade blood and deeper tissues, causing life-threatening infection.

Can - Sol (candida created by Solomon Wickey
(Greasewood, Purple Loosestrife, White Pond Lily)

COMBINATION: Greasewood, Purple Loosestrife, White Pond Lily
DOSAGE: 80 drops three times per day. Do not be alarmed if cleansing discharges occur; persist and rejoice!

For capsules, use code CCAN. This is for 4-ounce liquid herbal extract.
Candida formula from Solomon Wickey; severe yeast infections. 4 oz. (Candida Yeast)

Kills stubborn yeast infections.

This unique combination was designed and formulated by the much-loved and admired Amish Herbal Practitioner, Solomon Wickey. This is for severe cases of Candida and other persistent yeast infections. Part of Solomon's wisdom in choosing two of the herbs in this combination was to observe Nature and note which plants can and do live in dark and moist or wet environments and never have problems with a fungus infection such as yeasts. The roots of Purple Loosestrife (loves to be near or in water) and the White Pond Lily fill these requirements exactly and lend their strength to us for protection against yeast and other fungus infections. The indiscriminate use of antibiotic treatments, which are in reality yeasts themselves, do kill bacteria, but, at the same time, encourage the growth of fellow yeasts and other types of fungus. Often, normal yeasts associated with the body, such as candida, are pushed to an overgrowth type of situation by the use of antibiotics and cause an even worse problem. Yeast infections can be sexually transmitted and traded back and forth between sexual partners. This must be guarded against while a person is using CAN-SOL. Also, avoid vinegar, beer and wines. Some natural sweets such as fruit juices and fruits can be enjoyed, by some, during this time. Do use a bowel program that produces at least 2, and preferably 3, easy and complete evacuations per day to clean out the area in which yeasts can house and use as a base of operations from which they can continue to invade the rest of the body. It may also be necessary to eat only organically-raised meats, as commercially raised farm animals are often routinely fed antibiotics in their food and passed on to us. CAN-SOL does offer a welcomed solution and relief to this modern scourge of stubborn yeast infections.

Must be taken in conjunction with CCE-W, BP-W and if one has never done a worm amd parasite cleanse W.W.

February 17, 2006: "I am writing to tell you how much herbs have improved my health. If it wasn't for Solomon Wickey, that wonderful Amish Herbalist, I would never have known of you. Back in Sept. 2004, Solomon suggested I take Can-Sol along with acidophilus for a horrible long-standing yeast infection. I suffered for five years before I found relief from the yeasties! Back in Sept. 2005, I gave birth to my second child, Grace Anna. It was truly a miracle that I was even able to have another child. Around the time she turned three months, I developed a terrible fungal infection on my left nipple. The pain was so excruciating that I almost stopped breastfeeding. So I consulted Solomon and he suggested I swab White Oak Bark on my nipple and on the insides of Grace's mouth 3-4x/day. Well in about five days, the horrible pain was gone and so was the white coating in Grace's mouth. Thanks to Solomon and to Pure Herbs I am able to continue to provide my daughter with superior nutrition. Thanks so much! Your products are amazing!" -- S.D., Dyer, IN

April 2003 Testimonial: "I am happy to say Solomon Wickey's Can-Sol capsules really worked for my candida (yeast infection). I had a bad dose of it under my breasts. It was extremely itchy and it would bleed and crack open. It was very painful. When I received the pamphlet on the Can-Sol capsules, I decided to give them a try. I'm happy to report that the candida is almost completely gone. What I used was Can-Sol capsules six twice per day along with three Acidophilus each time the Can-Sol was taken. It works! Thank you Solomon and the good Lord that gives him the wisdom to know what to put together that works!" S.M. Due West, S.C.

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