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Pure Herbs - Herbal Adjustment
 $28.00 4 ounce

(Black Cohosh, Blue Vervain, Capsicum, Indian Tobacco, Siberian Ginseng)
Mental or physical shock to any part of the body; headaches; migraines; neck and shoulder pain; sore muscles; circulation; arthritis comfort, painful joints; sports injury; distortion of the spine. 1 oz.

This combination is a quick acting, dramatically effective procedure for relief of headaches, leg cramps, menstrual cramping, arthritic discomfort, sports injuries, back discomfort, neck and shoulder tension, heart attacks, strokes and internal bleeding. For relief of pain and cramping, two liquids are applied to the skin. One is Peppermint Oil, which is cool, and the second is a combination of herbs known as Herbal Adjustment, which is hot. The Peppermint oil is applied first and the Herbal Adjustment second. The procedure of using these two liquids together is called an “Herbal Adjustment”. In some cases, as given here, Herbal Adjustment is also taken internally and will be described individually. This procedure will not interfere with medication and will not make a person “groggy”. Needles and injections are not used.

HEADACHES AND TENSION: For headaches, first apply Peppermint Oil from the tip of the tailbone, up the spine, and on to the neck and the back of the head, on the scalp, and on up to the top of the head. Make the application about the width of the person’s hand. Next, apply the two liquids to the temples and forehead. Have the person lean the head back so as to avoid getting any of the liquids in the eyes. (Should an accident occur, flush thoroughly with water, remain calm and peace will return.) Also apply to any additional areas of the head, which are hurting. Finally, apply in front of and behind the ears, down the neck on both sides and out to the shoulders. This complete application will have an effect on the entire nervous system of the body. The affects are quick and relief is swift. Repeat as needed. For additional help, if needed, put 40 to 80 drops of Herbal Adjustment in a cup of water and drink it down.

DO NOT SIP BECAUSE IT IS HOT AND BEST TO GET IT OVER WITH AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. If a mild headache is in progress, usually an application of the two liquids to the temples, forehead and back of the neck are all that is needed for headache relief.

CHIROPRACTIC ADJUSTMENTS: The Herbal Adjustment liquids penetrate quickly into troubled areas. After application, the liquids at once relax the nerves and muscles, which then allow the bones to go back into their proper places and the circulation resumes its normal function. In this way, Oxygenation and relaxation of cramping muscle pain is alleviated. The Herbal Adjustment liquids may be applied several times in extreme conditions and then repeated as needed. Do not get into eyes, and wash hands after application. Application before a chiropractic adjustment makes for a very easy and quick adjustment. It will be noted the adjustment is speeded up and “sticks” (stays in place) far longer.

ARTHRITIC DISCOMFORTS: For arthritic discomforts the two liquids are applied to the area as needed.

CRAMPING AND MENSTRUAL CRAMPING: If cramping or menstrual cramping, apply the two liquids directly to the offending area. If additional help is needed, put 40 drops of the combination Herbal Adjustment in a cup of water and drink it. (Herbal Adjustment will not stop a normal menstrual flow because that is natural bleeding.) Repeat as necessary.

HEART ATTACKS, STROKES AND INTERNAL BLEEDING: To stop a heart attack, stroke or internal bleeding, put 40 to 80 drops of the Herbal Adjustment in a cup of water and drink it. Also, apply to chest and neck or areas of bleeding. Repeat as needed. If stress is great and a heart attack is a real possibility while you are trying to repair the heart with other herbs, such as Myrrh and Mullein (or others), use Herbal Adjustment to keep yourself alive during the process even if it takes months. Lives are saved by doing this.

“LIVER SPOTS” (Age Spots): These dissolve easily with the continued daily application of Herbal Adjustment on the spots. Please consider that in some way the body is not functioning as it should or these “liver spots” or “waste dumps” of concentrated pigment would not have appeared in the first place. If they do occur again, then think in terms of improving overall health as needed, such as digestion and bowel elimination to start with.

SKIN CANCERS: It must be observed, to be truly appreciated, how the daily and persistent application of Herbal Adjustment externally to skin cancers dries them up, causes them to fall off, and leave healthy, pink skin in their place. This process can take as little as a matter of days or two weeks. In some cases, up to six to nine months or more may be necessary, but it does work. It is suspected that when Herbal Adjustment takes so long to do its job that it is working on a problem much deeper inside the body, of long standing, and you are working on something more than just skin deep. Nevertheless, it does work. Persistence is the key here, no matter what, continue the application at least once per day and for more desperate conditions, three and four times per day until results. Before you heal anything you usually have to slow the condition down and then stabilize it. Then reversal can take place. But, in the meantime, you are not getting any worse and that is a kind of victory, too. Many Practitioners also use Vitamin E oil from capsules on the area first and then apply Herbal Adjustment on top of that. This reduces any possible irritation and assists in repairing the area more quickly with the prevention of any possible scar tissue.

SPORTS INJURIES: For sports injuries, such as sprains, twists, bumps, bruises, torn tendons, ligaments, etc., apply Arnica to the area to take the physical shock out of the nerves, then Peppermint Oil and then Herbal Adjustment to the area for relief of pain and to correct the circulation. Then, apply the repair formula Ol’ #11 to start the repair process. This is done as soon after the injury as possible. Repeat every three to four hours as needed. However, it should not be thought that this procedure will not tackle chronic and old injuries with equal determination, because it will. The night procedure for sports injuries is to open capsules of 100 iu of Vitamin E and apply the oil to the injured area. Then, soak a natural fiber cheese cloth or gauze with the repair formula, Ol’ #11, and wrap the area with the cloth. The larger the wrap, the greater and quicker the affect. Wrap this then with plastic sandwich wrap and an additional cloth wrap around this to hold everything in place for the night. This procedure forms a thermal and moisture barrier to drive the herbs into the area and pull poisons out in a time-release action during the night. The herbs are driven into the body, congestion is broken up, swelling reduced and function restored. There is a two-way traffic flow here. Herbs are pushed into the body area and poisons are pulled up and sweated out of the body at the same time. The next morning, remove the application and discard the herbal cloth, as it is “spent” and contains poisons. Wash the area and allow to dry. Note: This process of applying an herbal tea or herbal extract to the body soaked in cloth is known as a fomentation. For the daytime, apply Arnica, Peppermint Oil and Herbal Adjustment every three to four hours. There now is a blend available which contains Arnica, Peanut Oil, Wintergreen Oil, Indian Tobacco, Rosemary, Universal ER. Repeat this daytime and nighttime process until the area is repaired.

LOWER HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE: To lower dangerously high blood pressure, put 40 to 80 drops of Herbal Adjustment and 40 to 80 drops of Golden Bough in a cup of water and drink it. Repeat as needed.
COMBINATION: Black Cohosh, Blue Vervain, Capsicum, Indian Tobacco, Siberian Ginseng

DOSAGE: See above. Additionally, Herbal Adjustment can be given as part of a daily herb regimen to spark an herbal program and get it to work. 40 Drops in a cup of water one to four times per day. NOTE: Just the herbal adjustment combination is put in water to make the drink. If a Peppermint Tea is desired, use only 1 to 2 drops of the oil to a cup of water.

CHIROPRACTIC PHYSICIANS: When the area to be adjusted is too tense for the needed procedure, Peppermint Oil and Herbal Adjustment applied to the spine, neck and shoulders rapidly relaxes the areas. Then, minimal pressure is required to achieve remarkable results.

MASSAGE THERAPISTS: Peppermint Oil and Herbal Adjustment applied to tense areas of the spine, neck, shoulder and other areas (avoid eyes, under arm and private areas) produce a warming and relaxing effect, which makes therapeutic massage a very rewarding experience.

GENERAL NOTE: If for some reason a person should have an allergic reaction to Peppermint Oil, many practitioners enjoy the use of Oil of Cajeput in its place.

Testimonial 1998: "I would like to share a testimony about my daughter-in-law. She had open heart surgery before we met her, over 20 years ago. She made annual trips to Bethesda, MD to the National Institute of Health. On May 6, 1997, she died on her way to the hospital; she straight-lined between 1 or 1-1/2 minutes in the ambulance. She recovered before they used the paddles. My son took her to NIH after her second stay in the local hospital. NIH said she had about three weeks to live without any surgery, which she refused. At her request, we started mostly with Pure Herbs, HI.I-W, HIK-W, Bugleweed, Bladderwrack, tons of Arnica, Herbal Adjustment and FNF. Her Aorta Valve tested 46% functional; now=100%, the mitral valve was 82%; now=100%. She is maintaining good potassium, sodium and iron levels. They told her she could never lose weight and she lost 70 pounds. There are a few things from other companies that were used, but mostly we used Pure Herbs. She has made medical history. Praise the Lord, His Products and the dedicated people like you for producing them!" Edna Ford, Connersville, IN

April 2003 Testimonial: "Oh happy day the day dry spots are going away! I have been using Herbal Adjustment for dry spots that have been appearing on my body, and they are just about gone. I had read in one of Dr. A.B. Howard's books that Herbal Adjustment would destroy liver spots so I decided to try it on dry spots and they are just about gone. It has taken a long time, but I was persistent in doing so. Dr. Howard had stated that it takes patience for things like this to disappear. I am also continuing to use the Peppermint Oil for the allergies and headaches that I get from odors. Whenever I go somewhere I have an opportunity to give a kleenex that has the oil on it. People are shocked when they smell it and it helps them so quickly. It has been truly a blessing to be a part of this company and to be able to help people to get well without drugs. Thank you Dr. Watkins and staff." Kathleen Marasco - Elgin, S.C.

"I am writing to say THANK YOU! I recently experienced left chest pain, especially upon movement. At first I thought it could be a heart attack or severe indigestion. After taking a digest aid without relief, I realized that my problem was muscle related. Then I applied Arnica Oil Blend to my left chest area. It was amazing how quickly the pain was relieved! That day the pain was gone. Your products work! I use them on my family with great results. Thanks again!" -- Kim Preston, Greenfield, OH

Testimonial December 2001: “When my granddaughter was 12 years old she was diagnosed by the hospital with mono. She couldn’t swallow and her spleen was so swollen that the doctor said she would have to start school late and would not be able to play any sports that year due to the danger of her getting hit in the spleen - causing a hemorrhage, which could be life-threatening. I applied Peppermint Oil, IVY-D and Herbal Adjustment to her spine and on her neck twice in the morning and twice in the evening. She could only drink sips of water because her throat was so sore. In the sips of water I gave her 20 drops of Oregon Grape, 20 drops of ACS and 20 drops of Sage to cleanse her lymph nodes. By the third evening following the above procedures she was feeling well. Two weeks later her doctor confirmed that her spleen was normal and that she could start school on time and play sports if she wanted.? --- Willys Judware Brewer, ME
July 2003: "I am a 75 year old man who had colon cancer in 1994. The doctors operated and said they got all of it. I also had chemotherapy. I have chronic emphysema (COPD Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) and an enlarged heart. I've been on inhalers for about 20 years. I made a bad choice; I smoked for 60 years. I also worked at Johnson Motors and Die Cast Metals for 30 years. I was exposed to various chemicals. I have taken Puritan's Pride vitamins for ten years. My friend, Jane Fishback, told me all about herbs. So when my lung specialist and other medical doctors told me there wasn't anything else they could do for me, I decided to give herbal treatment a try. I went to see Reuben Schwartz and he told me I probably wouldn't live long if I didn't get help right away. He suggested L-w, AEA-B and Vitamin O for my lungs, CoQ10 and Blessed Thistle for oxygen, Herbal Adjustment mineral maintenance for my arteries , HT combination for my heart. To my surprise, after taking these supplements for only one month, I felt somewhat better. After two months, I was much more improved and my oxygen level was coming up. After taking the Herbal Adjustment and AEA-B, I can breath better. I'm so thankful for the herbal treatment. I am very pleased with my results and hope to continue getting well. I've recommended this herbal program to others. Thank you so much." -- Harold Hensley, Edmonton, KY

Testimonial May 27, 2004: “I suffer with a condition called Poly Cystic Ovarian disease and was told by many doctors that I would never have children, but after four years of marriage my husband and I were surprised in February 2003 to find out I was pregnant. We were happy and scared at the same time, since I had a miscarriage the year before. I knew one thing for sure and that was that I was to go the herbal route. During my third month my medical doctors became concerned when they gave me a blood test called Alpha Protein Test which came back abnormal. The medical doctors feared that the baby would suffer with Down’s Syndrome or Spina Bifida. My blood pressure was high which was causing poor blood flow to the baby which caused the baby’s growth to be effected. I have known Dr. Watkins for over ten years and decided to call him for his suggestions. For the Down’s Syndrome he suggested I take 40-80 drops 3x/day of ACS. For the Spina Bifida he suggested using Knitbone, which is a natural folic acid and also to drink a pint of Green Drink daily. Also, I was to apply Mugwort and Wormseed on my abdomen. I needed protein so I began eating almond butter along with whole grain crackers, fish, chicken and turkey. I stayed away from refined sugar, artificial sweetener and white flour. After feeling things were going alright, I went to see my medical doctor and he discovered a fibroid tumor that was growing right along with the baby. I put another call in to Dr. Watkins and he suggested Crampbark and False Unicorn Root along with Dulse. These herbs worked wonders. In one month the fibroid tumor had dissolved. The medical doctors were amazed, but I knew that if I had not been on the herbs I would not have gotten this far. I decided to go off of the pre-natal vitamins and went totally on the Pure Herbs pre-natal program. This was what I took: PNW, Protein Extract, Vitamins A&D (capsules), Vitamin E capsules, Red Raspberry Leaf, Yellow Dock (for iron), although I changed from Yellow Dock to Flora Dex because it has about 14 vegetables in it (I got this from the health food store). I was already taking ACS and Green Drink. I ate a cup of yogurt daily for extra Vitamin B. In the last ten days of my pregnancy I took Blue Cohosh extract internally and externally I rubbed Arnica and Indian Tobacco all over my abdomen to prevent shock and complication. I also rubbed Herbal Adjustment on my ankles, feet and toes to keep down the bleeding. Unfortunately, I ended up with a C-section, but my baby was healthy and strong. Marja Soleil Quaqua was born October 24, 2003. She was 4 lbs, 7 oz, but the medical doctors said she was strong and that her lungs had developed and there were no signs of any disabilities. My daughter is now seven months, happy, healthy and crawling. Thank you Dr. Watkins and the staff at Pure Herbs, Ltd. One more thing, after having the baby, I suffered from post-partum depression so I used the combination DAN-C. It helped me in about a week. I still take it to keep calmness in my life. Thank you! Thank you!? ? Farrah Miller Quaqua

August 27, 2004 "Recently my mother's mouth dropped and her right arm went numb. She said she needed Herbal Adjustment. I told her I thought she was having a stroke. She said ok, but I still need Herbal Adjustment. I put 40 drops of Herbal Adjustment in a large glass of water and she drank it down. About five hours later she was still having trouble swallowing so I took her to the hospital. The doctors said there was no sign of a stroke. My mom is 80 years old and I don't think she would have been around for the last five years without her Herbal Adjustment. Thank you!" --Jake Schwartz, Canaan, IN

February 3, 2005 "Since October of 2004 my husband was given OCM and SDR, taken internally as suggested by Bella Vladimirsky, for the so-called Smoker's Disease also known as bilateral lower extremity severe vascular disease. Bella also suggested that my husband soak his lower extremities in Research Formula and topically rub on Oil of Cajeput, Herbal Adjustment and Klamath Weed. My husband faithfully did what Bella suggested and by December of 2004 my husband told Bella that he felt 90% better. He is so glad he didn't listen to the Heart Specialist that wanted to do surgery on both of his legs. My husband, as of February 2005, was still continuing the herbs internally plus putting on the herbs externally on his legs. Thank you for the new attitude my husband now has about Pure Herbs." -- Argie Everett (member since 1994), Alice, TX.

January 2005: "I'd like to share my experience with you that I have had over the last few months. In March 2004 I started having some health problems, nothing I couldn't handle, but I was not well. I wasn't getting good rest, I had stiffness in all my joints when I got up from a sitting position, my arms and elbows ached, I thought I had arthritis. I was having hot flashes, night sweats and a lot of problems with my menstrual period. I had headaches, a lot of gas, and reflux problems. I also had very bad varicose veins in both legs. The week I went to the Iridologist I would go to work, come home and make it to the couch where I stayed until my children came home from school. I told my 15 year old son one day that I didn't know what was wrong with me, but I just didn't feel like living. He said, 'Mom don't say that you are too young to die.' I just felt so bad, I wanted to die. I went to the Iridologist on August 4, 2004. I began taking: O.C.-M., A.C.S., Red Clover Blended, N.-W, T.-W, CA.-W, Corta Flx, Herbal Adjustment and V.V.H.-W. and after about two weeks I started to feel a difference. For the first time in 15 years I looked forward to bedtime. My husband commented on how much sounder I slept. Also, my energy level increased. My work requires me to be on my feet all day and I noticed that my varicose veins didn't hurt and sting as much as in the past. I haven't had to take anything for pain on a daily basis. Everything has improved! I'm only 37 years old and I want to share my testimonial with the world! My entire lifestyle changed within only a few months. I just wish I hadn't waited so long to learn about your products." --T.E., Sulphur Well, KY

July 26, 2005 "I have suffered from planter warts on my feet numerous times over the past 20 years. The usual medical (A.M.A.) solution was to freeze and slash. Up to six to ten times per wart. It was very painful. My good buddy Dr. Watkins suggested trying Oil of Cajeput and Herbal Adjustment a few drops of each at morning and night. I was able to see the wart dry up and easily cut loose the dead tissue with no discomfort. Then we did the same for my seven year old nephew and it worked for him in just ten days!" --T. Zito, Southfield, MI

February 6, 2006: "I enjoyed my conversation with Kim the other day. She was very nice and kind to me and I wish to give my testimony about some of your fine products I am using. I have been using OCM for several years and would not be without it. Also, I was in a severe automobile accident several years ago and my right eye was so bad they thought I would lose it. I have nerve damage now from it, but have been using Greasewood on my eye brows and my eyes have opened up more and they are better. Other people have noticed the difference in the way my eyes were sometimes almost closed and now are opening more. I am also a big believer in Bilberry, HT Combination, Peppermint Oil, Herbal Adjustment and Cascara Sagrada. I have also used E-W for my eyes. I have used all of these products for several years and I am a firm believer in them and would not do without them. I would like to compliment you and your company for being such fine people and have such fine products. I am 76 years old and I work one day a week (Saturday) at one of your places that sells your herbal products. I work for Good Life in Shreveport, LA. Mrs. Betty Harbour owns the store which is family-owned and operated. She and all of her family are wonderful people and a pleasure to work for. They are very knowledgeable about your products and I really appreciate them letting me work there. Thank you Pure Herbs again for being such fine people with such fine products, and also for being so kind and nice to me when I called. May God Bless everyone there." -- Mrs. Doris Henderson, Shreveport, LA

July 5, 2006 "MY KNEES USED TO HURT!!! For some time now my knees hurt when I tried to bend them. They were hot and sore in places when I touched them. My knees hurt when I sat down, they hurt when I got up and they hurt when I walked. I had to keep my legs stiff when I walked to cut down on the pain. Then I found out about all the things FIVE OILS could do. I got a bottle of FIVE OILS and massaged the oils into my knees. I already knew HERBAL ADJ. (ADJUSTMENT) helped with pain so I put some of that on after the FIVE OILS. To my amazement it started to work at once to give me relief. I also learned that the herb HORSETAIL contains a lot of MSM for healthy cartilage. In my desperation I started taking a Tablespoon full of HORSETAIL every day by mouth instead of the few drops a day that I had been using. I have now been using the FIVE OILS and HERBAL ADJ. and HORSETAIL for about three weeks. Now I can bend my knees normally and use them all day. Here is the best part in the process of using these herbs . . . Not only did they take the pain away, but as far as I can tell they have also repaired my knees!!! I can tell you one definition of what happiness is. It is being able to walk, sit down and stand up again without pain! Thank you FIVE OILS, HERBAL ADJ. and HORSETAIL and thank you Pure Herbs, Ltd." --G.W., Sterling Hgts, MI

Testimonial October 10, 2006: “We thank God for Dr. Watkins, who saved our friend from dialysis. With the diagnosis of a shrinking kidney and possible dialysis, Dr. Watkins advised us to rub Arnica on the skin over the kidney area on the lower back for any nerve damage, Herbal Adjustment for circulation, Vitamin E for oxygenation and Black Cohosh to remove any poison. Also, to soak an absorbent gauze or cheese cloth with Ol’ Number 11 (OLN) to lay on the area and cover it with plastic wrap and repeat for daytime application. Within a week there was noticeable improvement. Within two weeks voiding began with copious amounts. Her remark was, ‘I’m going like a race horse.’ Within three weeks the pain was gone. By the way, this lady is in her 90’s and never expected a recovery like this! She is rejoicing in the new-found health. Thank you Dr. Watkins. May God bless you!”—Judy, West Frankfort, IL

April 2, 2007: “I hit my thumb on accident with a big hammer and it hurt like crazy. Doc (Dr. Watkins) looked at it and said to use SKIN LOTION #102, Arnica, Herbal Adjustment and Five Oils. I put it all on gauze and wrapped it around my thumb. The next day a lot of the pain and swelling was gone. The herbs really helped to accelerate the healing process. Thanks Doc!” – Uncle Al@Pure Herbs, Ltd., Sterling Heights, MI

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