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Pure Herbs - Sutherlandia


Other herbals to consider

Others whom have used Sutherlandia
also included END-J.  For Herpes and other virals this is a good combination

Endometriosis problems (inner layer of the uterus wall breaks apart and travels throughout the body and may form painful cysts containing blood, especially during period time). END-J is formulated to also be soothing and comforting for endometrial conditions.
4 oz  $40.00

 Remove physical shock from the nervous system, bumps, bruises, burns, sprains, injuries, vulneary (promotes healing), operations, genital inflammations, reduces cholesterol, reduces swelling of boils.

4 oz   $30.75
1 oz  $10.25

 4SUE   $30.75
4 oz

The desert herb Sutherlandia has the scientific name of Sutherlandia frutescens and is also known as Kankerbos, belbos, bitterblaar and gansies in South Africa where it is at home. In English people also call it Cancer Bush. It is a medium sized shrub with green leaves and bright red flowers. Parts used are above the ground: leaves, green stems, flowers and seeds with pods.


SUTHERLANDIA seems to be an herb which mainly improves the workings of the immune system (bone marrow, thymus gland, liver, lymph nodes, spleen and other parts of the body). It assists the body to root out and clean out viruses wherever they may be in the body, no matter how long they have been at their destructive work. What is surprising is just how many problems may be caused or aggravated by viruses and their poisons.

Once body cells are weakened by something such as poor diet, poor bowel functions, harmful medications, emotional upsets, overwork, or other types of "stress" (stress = anything that threatens your survival), "disease" organisms can move in to work their mischief. One of those "disease" causing organisms is known as a virus. It is smaller than a germ, fungus or parasite. It takes over the machinery of a living body cell, perverts it and makes poisons. The virus makes that body cell sick, then multiplies itself inside the infected cell and then those offspring go off to invade other cells and so on. Unless something is done, this goes on and on until disaster results. The herb from the desert areas of South Africa known as Sutherlandia reverses this destructive process. The mischief caused by viruses and their poisons can be unraveled and corrected. Sutherlandia also works on the tumor causing viruses called retroviruses.

Should you choose to use Sutherlandia there may be a few "bumps in the road" to recovery, so to speak. It takes you back through the many past problems the body has had and you repair them as you go. But, wouldn’t it be worth it to develop an immune system that viruses just bounce off? It would be great to get back to original condition again wouldn’t it? It is a pretty tall order to build a strong immune system these days. This is especially true if you have lived for a while and your body has gone through some damaging battles and collected some "junk". If the body has "walled off" areas of struggle in the past, these may be cleaned out in the process of restoring the immune system.

Sutherlandia acts as an adaptagen to help one cope with anxiety and depression.

SUTHERLANDIA is not candy. You can only go so fast when you set out to unravel all of the ills of the past caused by viruses and repair them as you go along.

Experience has shown three to ten drops with meals can be a pretty good pace unless advised otherwise by your health care practitioner.

Apply to troubled area(s), enough to cover the area each day, until the problem is resolved.

When you see the number of conditions that have been corrected by Sutherlandia, you wonder if viruses were mixed into the cause of most all of these ills. Take a look.

Indigestion, poor appetite, ulcers of stomach and esophagus, painful gas blockages, liver conditions, diarrhea, diabetes, cancer of the pancreas and other cancers.

Colds, flu, asthma, chronic bronchitis and tuberculosis.

Varicose veins, hemorrhoids and heart failure.

Swellings, back ache, muscle ache, kidney and urinary tract infection and joint discomfort.
Anxiety and depression.

Chicken pox, the deadly world-wide flu epidemic of 1918 and conditions where the body’s immune system is fighting good cells too instead of only enemy cells as in the case of: AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) and HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus).

Testimonial October 2003: "Hurray for Sutherlandia! My whole family will not be without this herb. One Big Caution with this herb, a little is more! We have been using the Sutherlandia for about eight months now. I began with eight to ten drops two times per day, because of the potency of Sutherlandia. Wow! I began to have some awful looking bowel movements of all kinds; along with all kinds of strange looking debris that was passed. In the first few weeks, liquid would be mixed with solids. It is important to drink plenty of water, especially while taking the Sutherlandia! The water seems to be needed to help liquefy the fecal matter, and makes things move easier! Be near a bathroom until you know what to expect. When I had to go, I had about a two minute warning to get there and it was over fairly quick! In about two months, my stomach had flattened to where it was hard for me to see it unless I bent over. You know now what I was full of? Shh...quiet don't say it!!! Whew! I'm sure glad it is gone! If it starts to come back I know what to do about it. It is extremely important to get enough of an easily digestible form of protein. I craved pinto beans and corn big time for the first six months of taking th Sutherlandia and I feel better when I eat them often. At month three, I increased to 18-20 drops twice a day. At month eight, I began taking ten drops each morning and five drops in the early afternoon, because Sutherlandia seems to act as a stimulant with me! I was having three to five bowel movements a day and I started having leg cramps. I took 80 drops of HIK and 80 drops of CAW and that seemed to solve the problem! Getting rid of the poisons and accumulated waste (waist, too) caused me to feel better all over! It was like a burden rolling off my shoulders. If you are comfortable with yourself your immune system is stronger! When one of us feels sickly or has a sore throat, we use a few more drops of Sutherlandia. For extra support, we also take 80 drops of both TLC and ETI! Sutherlandia has carried us over many health obstacles with flying colors! Words just cannot express our joy and excitement over Sutherlandia!" -- The Courters, Valley View, Texas,

January 2004: "Our beloved 11-1/2 year old dog, Barney, was diagnosed with Canine Anemia/Auto-immune Disease (his white blood cells were attacking and destroying his red oens). The Veterinarian put him on Prednisone and antibiotics with little encouragement for his recovery. When I asked Dr. Watkins if he had any suggestions, he immediately said Sutherlandia, Greasewood, Protein, HI.I., and ACS. He also said Vitamin E would oxygenate the bloodstream and assist the herbs. He said to apply them to the pads of his feet. We were surprised at how absorbent the pads were. They soaked up the herbs like sponges. The improvement was quickly noticed by everyone. The Vet said it was 'amazing' how well he was responding to their treatments (we hadn't told them about the herbs). In our last contact with them, they said they could not get over how well our Barney had gotten. They said that by all accounts, Barney should no longer be with us. Thank you Pure Herbs and Dr. Watkins. We now have Barney on AMF (Animal Maintenance Formula) which we plan to continue as long as he is with us." -- Uncle Al's friend.

January 2004: "I am a Nutritional Counselor and Therapist. This is my husband's success story: In Florida we have several different kinds of parasites. My husband's back was attacked by parasites and was all puffed up like a growth or something. It got fatter and fatter! We had it evaluated by a professional and they said it was parasites. For three months we tried herbs and other remedies with no success. Orinoco Extract did help with the pain. This growth was three inches in diameter and was located on his spine. It was the size of a goose egg and very painful! I put two drops of Sutherlandia straight onto the growth and lightly spread it around until it was absorbed into the skin. I repeated this procedure two to three times per day. The growth began to shrink and the pain began to decrease. During the next three weeks it just kind of went away. There was a minor recess and the skin looked stained, but it is continuing to heal very nicely and has a healthy color as it is healing! It also helped my intestinal infection! Thank you Pat Courter for sharing Sutherlandia with me and Pure Herbs for making this wonderful product available to us." -- Lynn, Ft. Myers, FL.

January 2004: "My neck had been sore when I turned it from side to side for over a year. I take a lot of supplements and herbs, but it would not get any better (no worse, but no better). Then I heard about the desert herb, Sutherlandia, that fights viruses and their torments, even AIDS where the body is attacking itslef. Each morning, I applied Sutherlandia externally from each ear out to each shoulder and then on the back of the neck and down the spine a little. I then took 20 drops by mouths and gradually worked up to 40 drops per day over the period of a month. After a month I am a good 80% to 90% better! I am impressed. Thank you Pure Herbs and thank you Sutherlandia!" -- E.C.W., Detroit, MI

January 2004: "I have had very good results with Sutherlandia. I believe it has definitely helped with my menopausal symptoms. It has made me more energetic, given me more stamina and made me less stressed. I have been under a great deal of stress and people wonder how I keep on my feet. I know the Sutherlandia is a big part of it. Also, for a long time I have had 'kinky' knees (the only way I know how to describe them) and they are completely better. No problem at all now. Also, my teeth had become very sensitive to hot and cold and I had tried taking extra minerals, etc. and I still had the problem, but then I started taking the Sutherlandia and my teeth were no longer sensitive. In addition to all of the above, my massage therapist says, "it must be the Sutherlandia that you are taking.' She must be right because that is the only new product I am taking. The only thing I found with the Sutherlandia is that if I take it too late in the day it tends to keep me awake at night. I was giving it to my son, Burt, at bedtime too and it doesn't seem to bother him though. It really is helping Burt to be calmer and less anxious. One more thing is that I mist the Sutherlandia in a half and half mixture with Five Good." -- Cheryl Lawson, Derby VT

Testimonial June 2004: "My son-in-law had a big wart on the palm of his hand and it hurt him so he started applying Sutherlandia on it. He also took 20 drops internally and within six weeks or so it came out and is now completely healed over." --L.E., Bluffton, IN

August 13, 2004 "My name is Irene Bottelo. My father is 81 years old and was diagnosed with prostate cancer. His PSA was 4.8. After six months of being on the following herbal supplements: Red Clover Blended, Sanicle, White Pond Lily, Whole Apricot, Una De Gato, Sutherlandia, Barleylife and Herbal Fiber Blend, his PSA is now 0.8 and his medical doctors can't believe it! My father also takes DB.8-W, Five Good, Three Bees and KID-W for his diabetes, which is now under control. We are happy to be able to buy the best herbs on the market from Pure Herbs, Ltd. Thank you very much for helping people to stay healthy and avoid surgery in many cases." --Irene Bottelo, McAllen, TX

May 4, 2005 "Last Sunday I noticed some soreness on the left side of my throat. As the day went on it began to hurt when I swallowed. When I got up Monday, it was worse. The right side was now also sore and my glands were swollen and tender. I decided to try half a dropperful of Sutherlandia with one quarter dropperful of Astragalus three times a day. By Tuesday morning it was better and by Wednesday morning it was all better. Next time I'll start a day earlier. Thank you Pure Herbs for continuing to supply the herbs our Lord created for our needs."--C.G., Honesdale, PA

March 2006: "Our son had a bump on his thumb the size of a pea so I told him to put Sutherlandia on it. He did and the bump opened up and out came a little piece of wood." -- L. Eicher, Bluffton, IN

Testimonial September 18, 2006: “In addition to being a CNHP (Certified Natural Health Professional) and an active advocate and user of Pure Herbs products personally, my husband and I mentor two families in our church. One of the families has children to have Molluscum. (Molluscum contagiosum is a common childhood illness caused by a virus that occurs in about 1/200 children under the age of ten. Also, epidemic as an STD (sexually transmitted disease) among sexually active adults. All current treatment options for molluscum are invasive (insertion of instruments or devices), and may cause pain and discomfort – information obtained from The Center for Biomedical Research).

Connor is four years old. When he first got Molluscum, his mom did not want to use what the doctor recommended because of scarring, etc. and as he explained if untreated they would go away in a couple of years. He has had this condition for three years (most of his life) on his face, and it looks like warts. Because the warts are on his face, he has endured teasing from other children. He has not been swimming in a pool this summer and had to wear bandaids during vacation bible school because they are contagious. Recently a dentist refused to treat him and his brother because of this. This rejection has been painful for him psychologically. He had asked his mom, ‘Why do I have these things?’ Once again at the advice of my mentor and friend, Teresa McCurry, CNHP, I used the herpes protocol. I recommended Plantain for the bumps, ACS, Bee Propolis, Vitamin A&D for the virus internally and Sutherlandia for the spine.

After approximately a month, two bumps have disappeared and the other two are almost gone. Connor looks in the mirror and is so proud that the warts are going away. He is now looking forward to going back to school and even told his mom, ‘Look mom, when I go back to school I won’t have those things anymore!’ What a joy to see his excitement. Thanks again for great products.” – Blessed be your products, Lynnette, Wellness Consultant, Cartersville, GA

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